Thomas Francis Elmitt, D.S.O.

LCol Elmitt LCol Elmitt




Commanded the 21st Battalion from May 9, 1917 to July 6, 1917


Nov 9, 1914

Attested at Kingston ON 

Ø     Birth date given as “1871” at Ottawa ON

Ø     Next of Kin given as Thomas Elmitt

Ø     Occupation given as “Lumber Merchant”

Ø     Previous service given as 43rd Regiment – 15 years and the Governor General’s Foot Guard – 3 years 

NOTE: This file copy of the attestation paper is stamped as an “ORIGINAL” while the copy that is posted online with LAC is stamped as a “DUPLICATE”.  Of note is his height.  On the original it is stated as 5’ 5½” while on the duplicate posted online, his height is noted as 5’ 8½”.  A medical report dated 5 months later gives his height as 5’ 10½”. 

Also of note is the eye colour noted on the “Duplicate” is “Dark Brown” while a medical report done on July 28 1919 states his eye colour as “Dark Grey”, and the “Original” leaves not only that line, but the complexion and hair colour blank.  The “Duplicate” notes a Dark complexion.


Feb 9, 1915

Promoted to Major


Apr 20, 1915

Medical report at Kingston ON – of significance his height is stated as 5’ 10½” (the original attestation paper states his height as 5’ 5½”)


May 6, 1915

Embarked the RMS Metagama at Montreal Quebec



May 15, 1915

Disembarked at Devonport England and proceeded to West Sandling Camp, near Hythe Kent


Sep 14, 1915

Embarked the St Seiriol at Folkestone



Sep 15, 1915

Disembarked at Boulogne France


Mar 20, 1916

Proceeded on leave


Apr 1, 1916

Granted 2 extra days leave


May 28, 1916

Granted 10 days leave then extended to June 8, 1916


Jun 28, 1916

Slightly wounded in the field


Oct 14, 1916

Detached to General List Headquarters, Canadian Training Depot, Shorncliffe on proceeding to England for Staff Course at Aldershot.


Jan 7, 1917

TOS on having returned from course at Aldershot


May 9, 1917

To be Acting Lieut Colonel while Commanding Battalion – London Gazette No 30152.


Jul 6, 1917

Relinquishes Acting rank of Lieut Col on ceasing to Command the Battalion.  London Gazette No 30253. – Granted 10 days leave


Jul 18, 1917

Rejoined unit from leave


Oct 28, 1917

SOS 21st Battalion and posted to EORD Seaford for duty with Canadian Forestry Corps


Oct 29, 1917

TOS Base Depot, Canadian Forestry Corps, Sunningdale and placed under command of 52 District HQ and is subsequently SOS the Base Depot CFC the same day. – To be Temp Major – London Gazette No 30593


Oct 30, 1917

Ceases to be under the command of No 52 District of the Canadian Forestry Corps and Taken On Strength of 132 Coy of the Forestry Corps.


Nov 23, 1917

TOS No 52 Dist.


Dec 28, 1917

Mentioned In Despatches by Gen Sir Douglas Haig – London Gazette # 30448



Jan 1, 1918

Awarded Distinguished Service Order – London Gazette # 30450



May 31, 1919

Posted to Headquarters of CFC from 132 Company.


Jul 3, 1919

SOS HQ Coy on posting to Base Depot, CFC


Jul 25, 1919

TOS CFC RD from 52 District CFC


Jul 26, 1919

Attached from Officer’s Pool “0” Wing to “M” Wing


Jul 27, 1919

SOS “M” Wing pending return to Canada


Jul 28, 1919

Medical Report at Witley Camp England –  

Ø     Noted as being a member of the Canadian Forestry Corps

Ø     Of significance his height is noted as 5’10½” and his eye colour is noted as “Dark Grey” (his original attestation papers do not mention his eye colour, while the copy that LAC has posted online states his eye colour as “Dark Brown) – it is also recorded that he had suffered from Small Pox as a child.


Aug 21, 1919

TOS “R” Wing from “M” Wing


Aug 23, 1919

TOS R Wing at Witley


Sep 3, 1919

SOS to the CEF Canada


Sep 6, 1919

Embarked SS Minnekahda  at Tilbury for Canada and TOS CEF Canada, District Depot No 11.



Sep 14, 1919

Disembarked SS Minnekahda


Oct 6, 1919

Struck Off Strength District Depot No 11. – General Demobilization


Jan 20, 1920

Certificate of Service states: 

Ø     Rank – Major

Ø     He served in Canada, England and France with the 21st Battalion, the General List, the CTD (Canadian Training Depot) at Shorncliffe, the Eastern Ontario Regimental Training Depot, the CFC (Canadian Forestry Corps) Sunningdale, 132nd Company CFC (Canadian Forestry Corps) Carlisle, and #11 District Depot.

Ø     He was Struck Off Strength October 6, 1919 because of General Demobilization.

Ø     He was wounded June 28, 1916

Ø     He was awarded the Distinguished Service Order January 1, 1918.  London Gazette #30450

Ø     He was brought to the notice of the Secretary State for War for valuable services rendered in connection with Military Operations in the field, December 28, 1917


Feb 25, 1938

Deceased at Ottawa Ontario


Beechwood Cemetery

Ottawa Ontario



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