The 21st Battalion CEF

This website has no affiliation with, nor is it supported by the PWOR (Princess of Wales' Own Regiment),
the perpetuating unit of the 21st Battalion in today's military
Some information and photographs have been reproduced with their permission

History of the 21st Battalion

The 2nd edition of the history of the 21st Battalion is now available 

Ordinary Heroes, authored by Steve Nichol, can now be purchased
by contacting the

Richard Ingram

This website is a photo tribute to the 21st Battalion CEF that formed in Kingston Ontario in 1914 and proceeded first to England, then on to France to fight in the Great War.  The site is made possible by the many contributions from descendents of 21st Battalion members.

21st Battalion's Journey Through the War

Rob Wood has compiled a map wth online Mapquest to trace the footsteps of the 21st Battalion from their entry into France in 1915 through their departure in 1919.  It not only shows the locations, but has added notes from his grandfather's diary and the battalion's war diary for each location.  If you wish to follow the battalion's movements in a visual mode, go to the Mapquest link here Depending on your computers speed, it may take a few seconds to load.

Thank you Rob for taking the time to do this

Richard Ingram, militaria collector, author and living history expert from the UK , is posing in the Canadian War Museum trench as a private in the 21st Battalion, CEF during the 90th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, 9 April, 2007.   To commemorate this important anniversary, The Friends of the CWM hosted an interactive exerience at the CWM in which members of the public could investigate Great War period uniforms and equipment, taste samples of a soldiers ration, listen to period music provided by the Pipes and Drums of the Essex and Kent Scottish Regiment and meet with experienced living history experts.

Photograph by Ed Storey and reproduced with permission


Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation

As the webmaster for this website, on Monday November 29, 2010, I was honoured by Veterans Affairs Canada with this award.   It was in recognition for the creation and maintenance of this website.  The citation for the award reads:

Al Lloyd
Kingston Ontario

"Mr. Lloyd was with the Canadian Forces for six years; with the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery and the Royal Canadian Air Force. He is also a long·time history buff and is a member of an electronic discussion group devoted to the history of the 21st Battalion. The 2lst Battalion was raised in Kingston, Ontario to provide men for Canada's First World War effort. Five years ago while scanning historical photographs onto his computer, Mr. Lloyd thought that perhaps other members of his discussion group would like to view them. The overwhelming interest prompted Mr. Lloyd to create the website

"" This is now the authoritative site for the battalion and a repository of remembrance for the hundreds who served. The website became so popular with descendants and historians that Mr. Lloyd moved the site off a free web-hosting and purchased his own domain. The site is a bottom-up View of the battalion, focussing on the lives of privates, corporals and other ranks who formed the bulk of the wartime citizen's army. Mr. Lloyd is also a regular volunteer at the Princess of Wales Own Regiment Museum. In December, 2009, Mr. Lloyd was named one of the top 25 Canadians by CARP, an organization representing Canadians over the age of 50."

I will be forever grateful to Veterans Affairs for this.  For more information, visit their website at this link



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