Peter Angilos (Anglos)




Jun 15, 1891

Born at Mitilen Island, Greece 

Note that there are two different spellings for his last name in the file.  It appears as “Angilos” and “Anglos”.  On the documents that contain a signature, it appears that even he has spelled it both ways.  On his Attestation Papers he signed with the “i”, but on his Proceedings on Discharge document, he signed without the “i”.  For the purposes of this summary, I have chosen to use the “Angilos” spelling.


Aug 29, 1917

Attested into the PPCLI at Toronto Ontario 

Ø      Number 2595835

Ø      His current address was given as 558 S. Halsted St., Chicago, Illinois, USA

Ø      Next of kin given as Gus Angilos (father) of Mitilen Island, Greece

Ø      Previous occupation given as Labourer

o       Later stated to be Cat Worker, and Automobile Mechanic

Ø      No previous military experience given

o       A Medical Board later noted a scar on the left knee from a bullet wound received in the Balkan War in 1912 when Greece was at war with the Ottoman Empire

Ø        Religion given as Orthodox


Nov 24, 1917

Embarked the SS Megantic at Halifax Nova Scotia



Dec 7, 1917

Disembarked at Liverpool England


Dec 8, 1917

TOS (Taken On Strength) the 7th Reserve Battalion at Seaford


Feb 15, 1918

TOS the 6th Reserve Battalion


Apr 11, 1918

Sent as part of a draft to the PPCLI in France


Apr 12, 1918

Arrived at 3rd CBD (Canadian Base Depot) in France and TOS the PPCLI


Apr 15, 1918

Arrived at CCRC (Canadian Corps Reinforcement Camp) at Le Havre


Apr 30, 1918

Charged with insubordination to an NCO


May 3, 1918

Sentenced to 14 days Field Punishment No 1 for “Insolence to an NCO while on active service.”


Jun 5, 1918

Transferred to the 21st Battalion


Jun 6, 1918

TOS 21st Battalion


Jun 8, 1918

Joined the 21st Battalion in the field 

The following is from the 21st Battalion War Diary:

 A draft of twenty Other Ranks arrived from the 3rd Divisional Wing, CCRC.  These Other Ranks had been despatched from England as reinforcements for Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry.” 


Oct 12, 1918

Wounded by shrapnel, fractured left leg and admitted to No 9 CFA (Canadian Field Ambulance), then transferred to No 33 CCS (Casualty Clearing Station)


Oct 13, 1918

Transferred via No 6 AT (Ambulance Transport) and admitted to No 8 Stationary Hospital at Wimereux


Oct 28, 1918

Invalided to England aboard the Hospital Ship St Denis


Admitted to Military Hospital at Bethnel Green, England


Oct 29, 1918

Posted to EORD (Eastern Ontario Regimental Depot) from the 21st Battalion


Apr 10, 1919

Transferred to Granville Canadian Special Hospital at Buxton


Jul 4, 1919

Transferred to No 5 Canadian General Hospital at Liverpool


Jul 14, 1919

Invalided to Canada on Sailing #508 aboard the Hospital Ship Essequibo


TOS No 2 District Depot, Toronto Canada 

 It was noted that the ship docked at Portland Maine, USA, on July 20, but Pte Angilos remained onboard ship until July 25, 1919 when he was posted to the Casualty Company at #2 District Depot in Toronto. 


Jul 26, 1919

Admitted to St Andrews Military Hospital, Toronto Ontario


Sep 25, 1919

Transferred to the DOH (Dominion Orthopedic Hospital), Toronto Ontario


Oct 15, 1919

Medical Board at DOH notes the following: 

Ø      Wounded by shrapnel October 11, 1918 at Cambrai

Ø      Suffered multiple fracture of left leg

Ø      Multiple operations performed at different hospitals to remove shrapnel and to permit drainage

Ø      Wound has healed nicely

Ø      Partial loss of function of left leg (approximately 1” shorter than right leg)

Ø      Stiffness and limited movement of hip

Ø      Has been fitted with orthopedic shoes

Ø      Had no serious illness prior to enlistment, but does have a scar from a bullet wound in left knee, received in the Balkan War in 1912.  There is no disability from this old wound

Ø      Board recommends 2 months of massage and passive therapy to restore movement in hips

Ø      Previous occupation cannot be resumed because of disability

Ø      Board recommends discharge as Medically Unfit


Oct 16, 1919

Discharged from DOH and posted to the No 2 DD Casualty Company


Oct 21, 1919

SOS #2 DD on being discharged from the CEF at Toronto Ontario as Medically Unfit 

Ø      War Service Badge Class “A” issued, No 221353

Ø      WSG (War Service Gratuity) of 153 days pay authorized

Ø      Proposed address on discharge – 61 W. Main St., Norway Connecticut, USA

o       Later changed to c/o American Red Cross, Norwich Connecticut, USA 

Final pay was deducted 3 days Pay and Allowances for “Conduct to the prejudice of Military Discipline”


Sep 15, 1923

British War Medal and Victory Medal were sent to 119 Main Street, Norwich Connecticut, USA


Sep 22, 1923

Medals were returned and it appears they were later sent to him c/o Colombo Supervision Track, CN Railways, Brantford Ontario


Nov 3, 1953

Deceased, location unknown



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