Wesley Stealwood Bagshaw


Apr 25, 1894

Born at Sunderland Ontario, Canada


Jan 21, 1915

Attested at Ottawa Ontario into the 2nd Signal Company Canada 

Ø      Number 13 (temporary number 480)

Ø      Next of kin given as Mrs. OE Bagshaw (mother) of Sunderland Ontario

Ø      Occupation given as “Telegraph Operator”

Ø      No previous military experience is given

Ø      Religion given as “Presbyterian”


Jan 30, 1915

Pay card which starts Jan 1, 1915 through Apr 1915 (with service number 480) has a notation “Forfeits 2 days pay 30-14-14”.  (I suspect this should have read 30-1-15, as there is no indication of him being present for service prior to Jan 21, 1915.)


May 24, 1915

Disembarked the SS Megantic in England



Jul 2, 1915

Given 1 day Field Punishment (not specified as No 1 or No 2) and confined to Barracks at Digbate for 3 days and fined 1 day’s pay for “Absence”


Aug 12, 1915

Placed in Detention at St Marton’s Place for 16 hours and fined 8 day’s pay for being AWL (Absent Without Leave)


Sep 15, 1915

TOS CETD (Canadian Engineers Training Depot) at Shorncliffe


Sep 16, 1915

Admitted to tent hospital at St Martins with Gonorrhea


Sep 20, 1915

Transferred to Workhouse Military Hospital at Newcastle on Tyne


Oct 28, 1915

Discharged from hospital to CCD (Canadian Convalescent Depot)


Jan 13, 1916

Ceases on course at CCD


Jan 15, 1916

SOS from CCAC as being “fit” and sent to CEFD (Canadian Expeditionary Force Depot) Crowboro


Jan 19, 1916

Transferred to Signal Pool at Shorncliffe


Jan 20, 1916

TOS Signal Pool in the Field


Feb 7, 1916

Joined the Signal Pool in France


May 2, 1916

Transferred to 1st Canadian Division Signal Company


May 3, 1916

TOS 1st Division Signal Company


Jun 26, 1916

Wounded in shoulder and arms, “not seriously”


Sep 26, 1916

Wounded shoulder, neck and left hand


Oct 3, 1916

Wounded and transferred to England via the Hospital Ship St David



Oct 4, 1916

Invalided and transferred to CCAC (Canadian Casualty Assembly Center) Folkestone


Oct 5, 1916

Admitted to 3rd Southern General Hospital with GSW (Gun Shot Wound) to head and left hand and boils to right side of neck and forehead 

Ø      Cannot remember date or place of injury

Ø      Remembers nothing until he awoke in hospital

Ø      When admitted he was incoherent and dazed


Oct 6, 1916

TOS (Taken On Strength) CCAC (Canadian Casualty Assembly Center) Crowboro


Oct 6, 1916

SOS CCAC and admitted No 3 Stationary Hospital at Oxford


Oct 25, 1916

Transferred to Bearwood Canadian Convalescent Hospital at Wokingham


Nov 23, 1916

Discharged from CCH Bearwood to CCAC for duty


Nov 24, 1916

Medical Board held at Shoreham Camp, Sussex 

Ø      Burns to hands and face

Ø      Says he was partially unconscious for 3 weeks

Ø      Has a slight cough

Ø      Does not sleep well


Nov 27, 1916

On Command and on Course at CCD (Canadian Convalescent Depot) Hastings for 6 weeks PT (Physical Training) at Hastings


Jan 12, 1917

Discharged from CCD St Leonard’s


Jan 13, 1917

Ceases On Command CCD


Jan 15, 1917

TOS CETD from CCAC Crowborough


Jan 21, 1917

Awarded the Good Conduct Badge


Feb 12, 1917

Admitted to Crowboro Hospital with Tonsillitis


Mar 12, 1917

Discharged from hospital


Mar 20, 1917

Admitted to Brigade Hospital at Crowboro with Tonsillitis


Mar 28, 1917

While in hospital, symptoms of Syphilis developed


Apr 20, 1917

Discharged Brigade Hospital Crowboro to the lines


May 26, 1917

SOS CETD and TOS 6th Reserve Battalion


Jul 11, 1917

SOS 6th Reserve Battalion and TOS 21st Battalion at No 2 CIBD (Canadian Infantry Base Details) Seaford


Jul 16, 1917

Left to join unit in the Field


Jul 17, 1917

Joined 21st Battalion in the Field


Apr 3, 1919

Proceeded to England


May 2, 1919

SOS to “P” Wing for processing pending demobilization


May 13, 1919

SOS to MD No 3, Canada


May 14, 1919

Embarked the SS Caronia for Canada



May 23, 1919

Disembarked at Montreal


May 24, 1919

Discharged at Kingston Ontario on being demobilized 

Ø      War Service Badge Class “A” No 279848

Ø      Address on discharge “Sunderland Ontario”


May 21, 1960




Medals card indicates that the British War Medal and Victory Medal were sent to him c/o the CPR Station at Perth Ontario.  The date is not shown in the file. 


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