Alfred John Bate
aka Alfred John Bates



Mar 4, 1891

Born in Lindsay, Ontario to Alfred and Mary Louisa (nee Bean) Bate


Nov 10, 1914

Attested into the 21st Battalion in Kingston, Ontario 

Ø      Number 609

o       See below where he left the battalion prior to the date the 59xxx numbers were assigned

Ø      Next of kin given as Mrs. M.L Bate, mother, Lindsay, Ontario

Ø      Previous occupation given as painter

Ø      Previous military experience given as 7 years in the 45th Regiment, Canadian Militia

Ø      Religion given as Wesleyan

Ø      Assigned to “E” Company

o       This was later reorganized into “C” Company 

Shortly after attestation he was promoted to the rank of Corporal 

The battalion trained in the Kingston area through the winter with headquarters in the Kingston Armouries 

His brother, Gordon Bate,   joined the battalion 6 days later and was assigned to the same company


Dec 12, 1914

Reduced to the rank of Private


Feb 15, 1915

SOS (Struck Off Strength) by Court of Inquiry as a Deserter






Mar 1, 1915

TOS (Taken On Strength) after being arrested and rejoining the battalion


Apr 18, 1915

Reported to be AWL (Absent Without Leave)


Apr 30, 1915

SOS (Struck Off Strength) by Court of Inquiry as a Deserter


Oct 13, 1917

Medical examination performed under the MSA (Military Service Act) of 1917 in Fort William, Ontario and was declared fit for service


Jan 25, 1918

Shown on the payroll of the 1st Depot Battalion, EORD (Eastern Ontario Regiment) in Kingston, Ontario


Feb 1, 1918

Conscripted into the 1st Depot Battalion, EORD in Kingston, Ontario 

Ø      Number 3056416

Ø      Next of kin given as Alfred Bates, father, 16 Sussex St., N., Lindsay, Ontario

Ø      Previous occupation given as Sailor

Ø      Previous military experience given as 1st, 4th and 14th Battalions for 6 weeks

Ø      Religion given as Methodist 

Note that he had changed his surname to Bates and neglected to mention that he had previously deserted from the 21st Battalion


Feb 2, 1918

Forfeited 7 days pay.  The reason for this is not recorded in the file


Mar 26, 1918

Transferred to the CMGC (Canadian Machine Gun Corps), Toronto, Ontario


Apr 1, 1918

Sentenced to 21 days detention for “Drunk conduct in prejudice of order and military discipline”

Transferred to the Machine Gun Depot in Hamilton, Ontario while serving the sentence


Apr 22, 1918

Rejoined the unit from detention


May 16, 1918

Declared to be AWL (Absent Without Leave)


May 26, 1918

Ceased to be AWL


Jun 5, 1918

Sentenced to 11 days detention with forfeiture of 11 days pay, in addition to a fine of $4.00 for damage to the Bordeaux Jail, Montreal, Quebec


Jun 16, 1918

Rejoined unit from detention


Aug 4, 1918

Embarked the HMT Nankin in Halifax, Nova Scotia as part of the 58th Draft of the CMGC


Aug 14, 1918

Disembarked in Liverpool, England and proceeded to the CMGD (Canadian Machine Gun Depot) in Seaford


Nov 7, 1918

Posted to the CMGRP (Canadian Machine Gun Regimental Pool)


Nov 8, 1918

Arrived at the CGBD (Canadian Garrison Base Depot) in France and TOS the CMGRP


Nov 13, 1918

Left the CGBD and joined the CCRC (Canadian Corps Reinforcement Centre) in Aubin St. Vaast


Jan 8, 1919

Posted to the 3rd Canadian Works Company in Aubin St. Vaast


Mar 15, 1919

Admitted to the 1st Canadian Divisional Rest Station with Scabies. 


Mar 21, 1919

Discharged from hospital and rejoined his unit


Apr 22, 1919

Admitted to the No. 50 CCS (Casualty Clearing Station) with Scabies


Apr 23, 1919

Transferred to the No. 55 CCS with a diagnosis that reads VDG (Venereal Disease Gonorrhea).  This was later changed to read Urethritis, a urinary infection


May 21, 1919

Transferred to the No. 51 General Hospital, Etaples


May 22, 1919

Invalided to England aboard the Hospital Ship Brighton

Posted to the Canadian General Depot, Seaford while in hospital

On arrival in England he was admitted to the Military Convalescent Hospital in Woodcote Park, Epsom


Jul 1, 1919

Transferred to the No. 11 General Hospital, Shorncliffe


Jul 15, 1919

Discharged to duty from hospital


Jul 17, 1919

Posted to the “M” Wing at CCC (Canadian Concentration Camp), Witley, pending return to Canada


Aug 16, 1919

Embarked the SS Belgic in Liverpool


Aug 23, 1919

Disembarked in Halifax, Nova Scotia and proceeded to Kingston, Ontario


Aug 26, 1919

Discharged from the CEF in Kingston

Ø      Rank on discharge Private

Ø      War Service Badge Class “A” issued number 214030

Ø      Proposed residence on discharge Lindsay, Ontario 

Following his discharge the British War Medal and Victory Medals were sent to him in Lindsay 

On application for the War Service Gratuity, he claimed prior attestation with the 2nd Battalion CEF and claimed to have been discharged in 1914 as medically unfit.


Sep 18, 1922

Married to the widow Lois  Marie Cones (nee Lamble) in St. Paul’s Church, Lindsay, Ontario.  He gave his occupation as a Painter.  His brother, Gordon and his wife Doris, were a witnesses to the marriage. 

Although I could not determine the date of death, he is buried in the St. Andrew’s – St. James’ Cemetery, Orillia, Ontario


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