Major Bennett, Charles, Corbishley,
DSO,MID(2),VD (Long Service Decoration)


Maj CC Bennett

Jan 14, 1860

Born in the Township of York Ontario


Nov 1, 1914

Transferred from Divisional Staff and Attested into the 21st Battalion at Kingston Ontario 

Ø      Given rank of Major

Ø      Next of Kin given as Mrs Ethel May Bennett (wife) c/o Royal Bank of Canada, Kingston Ontario

Ø      Occupation given as “Soldier”

Ø      Previous military experience given “as per Militia List, Canada”

Ø      Religion given as “Church of England”

Ø      Both the Oath and Certificate of Commanding Officer were signed on this date, the medical portion is not dated until April 20, 1915

Ø      Assigned to Headquarters Company


May 6, 1915

Embarked the SS Metagama at Montreal for England



Aug 31, 1915

To be Lieut Colonel with the Permanent Canadian Militia, as per Canada Gazette September 9, 1915


Sep 14, 1915

Embarked for France


Sep 15, 1915

Disembarked at Havre


Oct 20, 1915

Admitted to Officer’s Divisional Rest Station at Mount Noir with Sciatica caused from exposure and cold


Oct 23, 1915

Suffered a contused leg from an accidental fall


Nov 12, 1915

Discharged and rejoined the 21st Battalion


Nov 13, 1915

Sent to No 5 Field Ambulance then transferred to Officer’s Rest Station with a bruised leg


Dec 1, 1915

Discharged to duty and attached to the 4th Canadian Infantry Brigade Headquarters


Dec 31, 1915

Appointed to Staff Training Center at Bramshott


Jan 4, 1916

Transferred to Headquarters Staff at Bramshott and assumes duties of A/DAAQMG (Acting Deputy Assistant Adjutant Quartermaster General)


Jun 27, 1916

SOS GOC Staff on transfer to Shorncliffe


Aug 16, 1916

Transferred to 4th Battalion


Aug 18, 1916

TOS 4th Battalion as a Supernumerary


Aug 21, 1916

Left for Entrenching Battalion


Aug 22, 1916

Arrived at Entrenching Battalion and reverts to rank of Major at own request but with seniority from August 31, 1915


Oct 8, 1916

Ceases to be carried as “Supernumerary” on being absorbed into the 4th Battalion establishment


Nov 29, 1916

Granted 10 days leave, which was later extended to December 13, 1916


Dec 14, 1916

Returned from leave


Jan 12, 1917

Attached to 1st Division Headquarters as Claims Officer


Feb 3, 1917

To be DAAG 1st Canadian Division


Mar 11, 1917

Returned from leave of absence


Apr 9, 1917

Mentioned in Sir Douglas Haig GCB Despatch with unit stated as “Canadian Local Forces” and authorized in London Gazette #30107 dated June 1, 1917



May 31, 1917

Granted 10 days leave


Jul 10, 1917

Returned from leave and transferred from 4th Battalion (Deputy Adjutant General 1st Division) to 1st Canadian Division in France to be Deputy Adjutant General, Quarter Master General (DAGQM), to replace Capt PE Coleman MC, authorized by London Gazette #30247, dated August 23, 1917



Aug 13, 1917

Brought on establishment of 21st Battalion from 4th Battalion and remains Seconded while holding appointment of DAAG 1st Division


Sep 19, 1917

Tripped on barbed wire at Hersin Coupigny, near Lens France, while inspecting the front lines for the GOC (General Officer Commanding) and broke his arm in 2 places. 

Ø      Admitted to No 6 CCS (Casualty Clearing Station) then transferred to No 22 CCS.


Sep 22, 1917

Admitted Duchess of Westminster Hospital Le Touquet


Sep 23, 1917

Invalided to England aboard the Hospital Ship Pieter de Coninck. 


Admitted to 3rd London General Hospital, Wandsworth Common.  Detached to EORD (Eastern Ontario Regimental Depot) on being accidentally injured and being evacuated.


Oct 2, 1917

Relinquishes appointment of DAQMG as per London Gazette 30411



Oct 3, 1917

Relinquishes appointment to DA QMG 1st Canadian Division on being evacuated to England


Oct 29, 1917

Medical board report at 13 Berners St, London, W1 

Ø      Patient recovering from fracture of left Radius and Ulna

Ø      Board recommends leave on condition that he report to hospital as an outpatient under their instructions

Ø      Declared unfit for duty for 5 weeks 

These recommendations were cancelled December 18, 1917


Dec 27, 1917

Medical board report at 13 Berners St, London, W1 

Ø      Patient recovering from fracture of left Radius and Ulna

Ø      Board recommends that patient is not fit for any service for six weeks

o       Another report of the same date indicates that he would not be fit for service for 5 months.

Ø      Patient to proceed to Canadian Red Cross Convalescent Hospital for Officers at Sidmouth, Devon

Ø      Massage therapy recommended 

Discharged from hospital and granted 6 week’s leave


Dec 28, 1917

Mentioned in Despatches authorized by London Gazette #30448



Jan 1, 1918

Awarded the Distinguished Service Order as per London Gazette #30450  



Feb 8, 1918

Medical board report at 13 Berners St, London, W1 

Ø      Patient has completed 6 weeks as an outpatient receiving massage and passive movement treatment

Ø      There is some improvement but still suffers pain and limited movement

Ø      Board recommends an additional 6 weeks leave while reporting for treatment at Great Portland St., Institution, London

Ø      Treatment to be massage, active and passive movements, and electricity 

Granted extension of leave for additional 6 weeks


Apr 8, 1918

Ceases to be shown on leave and is SOS on posting to 21st Battalion. 

 TOS 21st Battalion as a reinforcement from England and arrived as “Supernumerary”


Apr 10, 1918

Attached to Canadian Corps Headquarters for duty


May 16, 1918

SOS 21st Battalion establishment and ceases to be attached to Canadian Corps Headquarters on proceeding to England with view to be returned to Canada


Jun 1, 1918



Jun 22, 1918


SOS on return to Canada for disposal by AG (Adjutant General) Ottawa. 

Embarked the Empress of Britain for Canada



Jul 3, 1918

TOS #3 District Depot Kingston Ontario and posted to the Casualty Company


Sep 20, 1918

SOS on transfer to No 2 District Depot Toronto and posted to the Casualty Company then detailed for Temporary Duty as AAG I/C Administration


Jan 15, 1919

Ceases to be AAG MD No 2 on being detailed to MD #13 Calgary Alberta


Feb 4, 1919

Appointed AAG MD No 13


Aug 10, 1919

To Command MD 13 (Temp) during absence of Brig Gen HF McDonald


Sep 9, 1919

TOS Military District No 11 and assumed duties as AAG (Assistant Adjutant General) I/C Administration at Victoria British Columbia


Sep 25, 1919

Ceases to be AAG MD 13 and detailed to MD 11 as AAG


Oct 1, 1919

SOS the CEF on appointment as AA & QMG (Assistant Adjutant and Quarter Master General) for MD No 11 at Victoria British Columbia


Nov 21, 1919

Medical exam at Esquimalt British Columbia 

Ø      Rank Lieut Col

Ø      Stated to be with the Permanent Staff

Ø      Has some deformity of left arm from fractures suffered in 1917


Jun 2, 1921

British War Medal and Victory Medal sent to 149 College St., Toronto Ontario


May 13, 1944




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