Pte Stanley Arthur Biggs


Apr 16, 1890

Born at London England


Feb 1, 1915

Attested at Guelph ON into the 34th Battalion CEF 

Ø      No. 602273
Ø      Religion given as Roman Catholic
Ø      Next of kin given as Mrs. Wm. Hughes, mother, address 15 Woodfield Rd, Harrow Road, London England (later changed to Mrs Ethel Biggs (wife) of 22 Spencer Rd., Dartmouth Park Hill, London NW 5)
Ø      Occupation given as “Farmer”
Ø      No previous service noted
Ø      A scar from appendicitis was noted, along with a mole on the abdomen
Ø      Height recorded as 5’ 3½”
Ø      Hair colour light brown, eyes gray and a fair complexion


Oct 23, 1915

Embarked on the “SS California” at Quebec for England


Nov 1, 1915

Disembarked the SS California at Devonport England


Nov 1, 1915

Pay assignment of $15 per month from his pay to Mrs William Hughes, 8 Cambridge Rd., Hammersmith Rd., Hammersmith W., London England began


Mar 8, 1916

Admitted to military hospital at Bramshott with Phimosis (a penile infection.  Reported as being circumcised with a good recovery)


Mar 20, 1916

Discharged from military hospital at Bramshott


Mar 21, 1916

Granted sick leave until Mar 29, 1916


Jul 6, 1916

Taken on Strength of the 36th Battalion at West Sandling Camp, Kent, England


Sep 21, 1916

Struck off Strength (SOS) the 36th Battalion, West Sandling


Sep 22, 1916

Taken on Strength (TOS) the 21st Battalion in France


Sep 23, 1916

Left for unit


Sep 28, 1916

Joined the 21st Battalion in the field


Oct 19, 1916

Attached to the 4th Field, Company of Engineers, 2nd division, for duty


Nov 12, 1916

Ceases to be attached to 4th Field Coy Engineers and returns to the 21st Battalion


Jan 30, 1917

Awarded Good Conduct Badge (for 2 years service with no charges) 

Ø       Note: There are a couple of different dates recorded for this award.  Because it was granted for 2 years of good conduct, and he joined in February 1915, he would have been eligible for this award at the end of January, 1917.  I would discount the December 1917 date and the 1918 date as clerical errors.)


Apr 7, 1917

Wounded in the back by gun shot in the Vimy area.   

Ø       (Note: The battalion was in training in preparation for the attack on Vimy Ridge which took place 2 days later.  There is no mention in the War Diary of any enemy engagement or of any casualties.  This would lead me to suspect his wound was a result of a training exercise.)


Apr 9, 1917

Admitted to No 3 Canadian General Hospital at Boulogne with a gun shot wound in his back, first called shrapnel.


Apr 11, 1917

Admitted hospital at Huddersfield – Posted to Eastern Ontario Regiment Depot (EORD)  

Ø      shrapnel removed and no infection reported


May 3, 1917

Transferred to Sumerdown Convalescent Hospital at Eastbourne


Jun 27, 1917

Attended a medical board at the Canadian Military Hospital in Eastbourne for his gun shot wound in the back 

Ø      Wound reported as healed, but bullet still in chest
Ø      Complains of shortness of breath
Ø      Recommended for duty with Depot Battalion Headquarters


Jun 28, 1917

Transferred to No. 14 Canadian Military Hospital, Eastbourne


Jun 29, 1917

Discharged from Canadian Military Hospital to EORD, Seaford and proceeded on furlough


Jul 12, 1917

Under command of the Canadian Army Service Corps (CASC) at Seaford


Aug 3, 1917

Admitted to the No. 14 Canadian Military Hospital at Easbourne with Emphangitis, later described as Lymphangitis (a bacterial infection) reported as a low grade infection of the right index finger which extended to his shoulder.


Aug 24, 1917

Attended a medical board at the Canadian Military Hospital at Eastbourne 

Ø      Disability reported as Lymphangitis
Ø      Reported as recovered
Ø      Recommended for duty with Regular Depot Battalion


Aug 28, 1917

Discharged from hospital


Nov 6, 1918

Ceases to under command of EORD and is Struck off Strength (SOS) and sent to CASC


Nov 19, 1918

Granted permission to marry “with expense to the public”


Feb 6, 1919

Granted leave until Feb 17, 1919.


Apr 9, 1919

Taken on Strength CASC Depot at Witley


Apr 30, 1919

Attended a medical board examination at Blandford Dorset 

Ø      Original wound stated as a “penetrating wound to the back caused by a gun shot on April 7, 1917 in the Vimy area
Ø      Complains of pain in chest and moderate cough
Ø      The wound has healed but there are scales over the whole lung area, slight cough but no Pleurisy at present
Ø      Pain in chest prevents him from taking a long breath.
Ø      Disability is reported as permanent
Ø      On May 2, 1919, the board recommended he be returned to Canada


May 30, 1919

Taken on Strength (TOS) “H” Wing, Canadian Concentration Camp (This is a processing unit which handled the paperwork for soldiers returning to Canada)


Aug 8, 1919

Struck off Strength (SOS) to Canada from Canadian Discharge Depot Buxton


Aug 9, 1919

Struck off Strength SOS)and sent to Canadian Base Details at Buxton


Aug 17, 1919

Disembarked the SS Liverpool at Quebec 


Aug 18, 1919

Discharged by reason of being Demobilized as unfit for General Service 

Ø      given War Service Badge Class “A”, No. 321813
Ø      Unit on discharge, Canadian Army Service Corps.
Ø      Proposed address on discharge, c/o J McDermott at RR # 4 Rockwood ON.
Ø      occupation on discharge given as “Farmer”.


Jan 28, 1924

Address on medals card (date of issue of his medals and address they were sent to) given as 32 Woolwich St., Guelph ON.

 He was entitled to the British War Medal and the Victory Medal, as well as the Class “A” War Service Badge.


Sep 23, 1943




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