Charles Frederick Brunger

Shown above with his wife

Below is from the Oswego Daily Times, New York, Aug 13, 1915



Aug 9, 1890

Born at Milton Regis Kent, England


Nov 11, 1914

Attested into the 21st Battalion at Kingston Ontario 

Ø      Number 59112 (temporary number 43)

Ø      Next of kin given as Marshall Brunger (father) of Milton Regis Kent, England

Ø      Previous occupation given as Machinist

Ø      No previous military experience given

Ø      Religion given as Church of England

Ø      Assigned to “A” Company


May 6, 1915

Embarked the RMS Metagama at Montreal Quebec



May 15, 1915

Disembarked at Devonport England and proceeded to West Sandling Camp near Hythe, Kent


Sep 14, 1915

Embarked the St Seiriol at Folkstone



Sep 15, 1915

Disembarked at Boulogne France


Oct 29, 1915

Admitted to No 2 CCS (Casualty Clearing Station) with shrapnel wounds to left arm and elbow


Oct 30, 1915

Transferred via No 17 AT (Ambulance Transport) to No 8 British Red Cross Hospital at Paris Plage


Nov 8, 1915

Invalided to England aboard the Hospital Ship Munich



Nov 9, 1915

Admitted to Duchess of Connaught Red Cross Hospital at Taplow Bucks England and posted to 39th Reserve Battalion


Nov 20, 1915

Transferred to Hillingdon House Convalescent Hospital at Uxbridge


Nov 26, 1915

Discharged to duty


Feb 2, 1916

Given 48 hours detention for misconduct


Feb 3, 1916

Transferred to 21st Battalion


Feb 5, 1916

Arrived at CBD (Canadian Base Depot) in France and TOS (Taken On Strength) 21st Battalion


Feb 17, 1916

Joined the 21st Battalion in the field 

The  Battalion was in the N & O Trenches near Ridgewood


May 22, 1916

Granted 9 days leave


May 31, 1916

At duty from leave


Jul 18, 1916

SOS (Struck Off Strength) the 21st Battalion on transfer to the 9th CIB (Canadian Infantry Brigade) 

Maj JH Sills (a former 21st Battalion officer) was attached to the 9th CIB on this date and Pte Brunger was to become his Batman


Jul 19, 1916



Oct 6, 1916

Will made out leaving estate to be divided between his mother, Mrs Ellen Brunger and his sister, Mrs Ellen Lumby (sp?)


Oct 27, 1916

Admitted to the DRS (Divisional Rest Station) at No 9 CFA (Canadian Field Ambulance) with ICT (Inflammation of Connective Tissue) to face which was probably caused by the filthy conditions in the trenches


Oct 30, 1916

Discharged to unit


Oct 31, 1916

Attached to 3rd Canadian Division Headquarters as Batman to Major JH Sills 

Major Sills was also attached to the 3rd Cdn Div HQ on this date from the 9th CIB


Dec 14, 1916

Ceases to be attached to 3rd Cdn Div HQ on attachment to 10th CIB HQ 

Major Sills was also attached to the 10th CIB HQ on this date.  It is also noteworthy that Brig-Gen WSP Hughes DSO (former CO of the 21st Battalion) was in Command of the 10th CIB at this time


Dec 27, 1916

Attached to the 44th Battalion 

Major Sills was attached to the 44th Battalion on this date to take temporary Command of the Battalion 

It is also worthy to note that Brig-Gen WSP Hughes was effectively relieved of his Command of the 10th Brigade the following day


Jan 17, 1917

Ceases to be attached to the 44th Battalion and is TOS 3rd CIB HQ as Batman to Major JH Sills 

Major Sills was also attached to the 3rd CIB on this date


Sep 12, 1917

Granted 10 days leave to England


Sep 24, 1917

Returned to duty from leave


Mar 17, 1918

Sentenced to 3 days FP No 1 (Field Punishment No 1) for not being in possession of his Box Respirator (gas mask)


Jul 27, 1918

Granted permission to marry

The Oswego Daily Palladium, May 28, 1918


Aug 9, 1918

Granted 14 days leave to England


Aug 26, 1918

Returned to duty from leave


Feb 22, 1919

Granted leave to England and posted to Canadian General Depot at Shorncliffe pending return to Canada with dependents


Apr 11, 1919

On Command to 1st CDD (Canadian Discharge Depot) at Buxton for return to Canada


May 13, 1919

SOS to Canada and embarked the SS Minnedosa at Liverpool with his wife



May 20, 1919

Disembarked at Montreal Quebec


May 22, 1919

Discharged at Quebec  

Ø      War Service Badge Class “A” issued number 303953

Ø      Proposed residence on discharge – 271 West 5th Street, Oswego NY, USA


Sep 17, 1921

British War Medal and Victory Medal sent to 352 West 5th Street, Oswego NY, USA


The Oswego Daily Palladium, New York, July 8, 1919


The following information is from his granddaughter

He met my grandmother and married her during the war - well before he was given permission to marry, according to the records.

They returned to Oswego after the war, and are buried there in Riverside Cemetery.

He wrote to his friends in Oswego a number of times, and the Oswego Palladium published a couple of articles.

One mystery is his rank.   He is wearing sergeant's stripes in the photo which was probably taken in 1918, and the article about his discharge says he is a Sergeant.  However his service records only mention the rank of Private...

The Communique, Aug 1934


Riverside Cemetery
Oswego NY, USA

With thanks to Beth Knauss for additional information and photos


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