Fred Frances Cowper

Oct 1, 1882

Born in Dublin, Ireland to Fred and Bridget (nee O’Keefe) Cowper


Oct 13, 1915

Attested into the 136th Battalion CEF in Port Hope, Ontario

Ø  Number 805022

Ø  Next of kin given as Mrs. Frank Cowper, mother, address unknown

o   This was later changed to read Mrs. James Artlers, friend, Bartlett St., Port Hope, Ontario

Ø  Previous occupation given as Baker

o   Later recorded as Janitor

Ø  No previous military experience given

Ø  Religion given as Church of England

Ø  Assigned to “A” Company

The battalion trained in the Kingston, Ontario area


Mar 3, 1916

Admitted to the Port Hope Hospital with a diagnosis that reads Rheumatism


Mar 6, 1916

Discharged to duty from hospital


Sep 21, 1916

Appointed to the provisional rank of Corporal


Sep 25, 1916

Embarked the SS Corsican in Halifax, Nova Scotia



Oct 1, 1916

Appointed to the rank of Acting Corporal


Oct 6, 1916

Disembarked in Liverpool, England and proceeded to the West Sandling Camp where the battalion was absorbed into the 39th Reserve Battalion to continue training

Reverted to the rank of Private at his own request


Jan 4, 1917

Transferred to the newly formed 6th Reserve Battalion in East Sandling.  Shortly after the formation of the battalion, it moved to Seaford to train reinforcements for the front


Feb 1, 1917

Transferred to the 21st Battalion


Feb 2, 1917

Arrived at the CBD (Canadian Base Depot) in the Rouelles Camp, Havre, France and TOS (Taken On Strength) the 21st Battalion


Feb 24, 1917

After leaving the base depot Private Cowper joined the 2nd Entrenching Battalion in Hersin


Mar 6, 1917

After leaving the entrenching battalion he joined the 21st Battalion in Division Reserve in the town of Bois des Alleux


Apr 9, 1917

Private Cowper received a shrapnel wound to his left thigh during the battalion’s advance on Vimy Ridge and he was evacuated to the nearby field ambulance for first aid.  He was then transferred to a casualty clearing station for further treatment


Apr 12, 1917

Transferred to the No. 32 Stationary Hospital in Wimereux for treatment


Apr 18, 1917

Invalided to England aboard the Hospital Ship Jan Breydel


On arrival in England he was admitted to the 3rd Northern General Hospital in Sheffield

Posted to the EORD (Eastern Ontario Regimental Depot) for pay purposes while in hospital


Jul 25, 1917

Transferred to the Canadian Convalescent Hospital in Epsom


Aug 3, 1917

Discharged from the convalescent hospital and attached to the No. 3 CCD (Canadian Convalescent Depot) to continue his recovery


Jan 19, 1918

Ceased to be attached to the convalescent depot and posted to the EORD Depot Company in Seaford


Feb 8, 1918

Attached to the 6th Reserve Battalion in Seaford for duty


Mar 7, 1918

Ceased to be attached to the reserve battalion and attached to the CDD (Canadian Discharge Depot) in Buxton pending return to Canada


Apr 8, 1918

Embarked the SS Mauritania in Liverpool



Apr 15, 1918

Disembarked in Halifax, Nova Scotia and proceeded to Kingston, Ontario


Apr 18, 1918

Taken on strength the MD#3 Casualty Company in Kingston


Apr 22, 1918

Taken on strength of the MD#3 Casualty Company District Depot at Fort Henry, Kingston


May 10, 1918

Granted leave with subsistence to May 20, 1918

This was changed to read “Compulsory Leave”


Jun 25, 1918

Reported to be absent


Jul 2, 1918

Reported for duty and forfeited 7 days pay for his absence


Feb 1, 1919

Promoted to the rank of Corporal


Sep 27, 1919

Posted to the Casualty Company pending discharge


Dec 9, 1919

Admitted to the Sydenham Military Hospital in Kingston with a diagnosis that reads Contusion right elbow.  Patient claims to have fallen on his elbow April 9, 1917 during the attack on Vimy Ridge, but did not report it as he subsequently received a shrapnel wound that made his bruised elbow seem very minor


Dec 31, 1919

Discharged from the CEF in Kingston, Ontario into the care of the SCR (Soldiers Civil Reestablishment)


Ø  Rank on discharge Corporal

Ø  War Service Badge Class “A” issued number 90385

Ø  War Service Badge Class “B” issued number C65461

Ø  Proposed residence on discharge Box 15, Port Hope, Ontario

Following his discharge the British War Medal and Victory Medals were sent to him at Box 15, Barriet St., Port Hope, Ontario


Jul 5, 1932

Fred Cowper died of General Paresis (paralytic dementia) while a patient in the Ontario Hospital in Whitby, Ontario and was buried in the Groveside Cemetery there.

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