Joseph James Deruchie


The following has been taken from Pte Deruchie's service record and the 21st Battalion's War Diary.  If you have any addtional information that you would like to add to this page, or if you have a photo of Pte JJ Deruchie that you would like to add, please Contact us



Jun 7, 1893

Born at Lancaster ON


Nov 4, 1914

Attested at Kingston – No 59255 – previous service noted as 59th Regiment Lancaster, 1 month – occupation given as “Line Man” – nok given as Charles Deruchie, father, of Box 48, Lancaster Ont. – noted as being placed in “E” Coy.


May 6, 1915 Embarked the RMS Metagama at Montreal PQ for England


May 15, 1915

Disembarked in England RMS Metagama


Aug 13, 1915

Forfeited 1 day pay for absence at West Sandling camp


Sep 14, 1915

Embarked at Folkstone for France


Sep 14, 1915

Disembarked Boulogne France


Jun 14, 1916

Killed in action (shell)

Bedford House Cemetery
Zillebeke Belgium
Note that the given names on the marker are in error


Nov 20, 1920

Medals (1914-15 Star, VM, and BWM) sent to father, Chas. A Deruchie, Esq., Box 48 Lancaster ON – Memorial Cross sent to mother, Mrs. CT Deruchie at the same address


Feb 10, 1922

Scroll sent to parents


Feb 13, 1922

Plaque sent to parents


What follows is a transcript of the 21st Battalion's War Diary for June 14, 1916, the day Pte Deruchie was killed.


June 14th.  Enemy Machine Gun Fire during the night from opposite Trench 36 was very active.  Flashes could not be located.

The enemy had been successful during the night in placing about 40 yards of coiled wire upon parapet at I.34.d.3 1/2.8 1/2.  Also about 15 yards of new sandbags on parapet at I.35.a.3 1/2.6.  Our Artillery were successful in firing on a working party at I.34.b.7.1/2.

Enemy Artillery during the day was very active sending over 856 rounds most of which in the vicinity of the Railway Cuttng and the DUMP and in our Supports.

Enemy was active with "Rum Jars" in afternoon and between 1.30pm and 3.30pm sent over about 20.   We retaliated effectively with Trench Morters (60lbs) and Artillery.

Between 5pm and 6pm about 20 shells which seemed to be 4.5's Howitzers fell short and damaged our support and front lines at right of 36 Trench.  These proved to be from our own Artillery.  One of these Heavies hit on Dugout in our Front Lines smashing same in and killing one signaller and wournding several others.

Casualties  1 Officer 16 OR wounded and 7 killed.



During the Remembrance Day ceremonies in 2008, Veteran's Affairs Canada conducted a vigil each night for the week leading up to November 11.  This vigil consisted of projecting the names of every Canadian soldier who is listed with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission on various buildings and monuments across Canada, and in London England.  The photo below shows Joseph Deruchie's name being projected on the outside wall of Canada House in London England.



For the 7 nights leading up to November 11, 2010, the names of all Canadian soldiers were projected onto the Belgian War Memorial in Ypres.  At the same time, the same names were being broadcast via the internet to schools across Belgium and Canada.  The image above shows the opening ceremonies at the Belgian War Memorial on November 4, 2010. 

Below is the name of Joseph Deruchie being broadcast to the schools.  Each name appeared for 25 seconds and each night 9,700 names were shown.


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