Wessley Orvil Frink

Capt WO Frink Capt WO Frink Capt WO Frink


Nov 5,1878

Born at Fredericksburg ON


Nov 9, 1914

Attested at Kingston ON and given rank of Lieutenant 

Ø       Next of kin given as S. Amanda Frink (wife) at 42 Raglan Rd, Kingston ON (It is noted at one point that she moved to 1 Kimberley Terrace, Lyminge, Kent, England.  Date unknown, although the separation allowance was transferred to the Bank of Montreal in London England beginning in Dec of 1914.  It was common for wives of officers to move to England to be near their husbands during the war. There is also a note that at one point she moved to “Box 107 Yarker ON” and again there is no date for that )

Ø      Occupation given as “Salesman”

Ø      Previous service given as – 3 years with Royal Canadian Regiment, 2 years and 7 months with the SS Bn RCR Reserve.

Ø      Religion given as “Presbyterian”

Ø      Tattoo noted on left forearm, birthmark on left ankle, scars on chin and back of neck

Ø       Birth date given as Nov 5, 1887 There appears to be an error on his attestation papers where this date is noted.  On the second page, his “apparent age” is given as 36 years, and that is as of Nov 9, 1914.  You will also see on a later medical board entry, his birth date is given as Nov 5, 1878, which also coincides with the age on his gravestone.


Feb 11, 1915

Promoted Field Officer – Captain


May 1, 1915

Pay assignment to wife, Mrs SA Frink, of $30 per month, to be deposited in the Bank of Montreal, Waterloo Place, London England.  This went on until April 1917


Sep 25, 1915

Taken On Strength at West Sandling Camp England from the 39th Battalion


Jan 10, 1916

Transferred to the 21st Battalion


Jan 14, 1916

Taken On Strength 21st Battalion and joined unit in France


Apr 1, 1916

Pay assignment of $40 per month to his wife was paid in England from April 1, 1916 to May 31, 1917


May 15, 1916

Granted 9 days leave


May 23, 1916

Leave extended to May 28, 1916


May 30, 1916

Leave extended to Jun 4, 1916


Jun 5, 1916

Returned to duty from leave


Jun 12, 1916

Granted leave from Jun 12 to Jun 20


Sep 16, 1916

To be acting Captain to replace Capt. Shepherd


Nov 24, 1916

Admitted to No. 6 Canadian Field Ambulance with indigestion


Nov 29, 1916

Discharged to duty from No. 6 Canadian Field Ambulance.


Dec 15, 1916

Admitted to No 18 Casualty Clearing Station with Nephritis


Dec 28, 1916

Admitted to No 20 General Hospital, Camiers with Nephritis


Jan 1, 1917

Sent to England with Nephritis


Jan 2, 1917

Detached to General List for admittance to hospital


Jan 3, 1917

Admitted to Royal Free Gray’s Inn Road Hospital with Nephritis


Jan 31, 1917

Relinquishes Acting rank of Captain


Feb 1, 1917

Paid as a Captain from Feb 1, 1917 to Jan 31, 1918 (this date may be in error and probably should read Jan 31, 1917)  when he reverted to rank of Lieutenant


Feb 3, 1917

Discharged from Royal Free Hospital and admitted to Military Hospital at Shorncliffe.


Feb 19, 1917

Medical Board at Shorncliffe determined unfit for any service for 2 months because of Rheumatism.  (also noted as “Nephritis” on another page)


Feb 19, 1917

Medical Board Report at Shorncliffe

Ø      Noted as a member of the 21st Battalion

Ø      Disability noted as Nephritis with current absence beginning this date

Ø      Declared to be unfit for any service for 2 months

Ø      Disability was determined to be caused by exposure while on active service


Feb 23, 1917

Discharged from Military Hospital Shorncliffe.


Mar 21, 1917

Admitted to Helena Military Hospital at Shorncliffe with Rheumatic Fever (Myalgia ?)


Apr 3, 1917

Discharged from Military Hospital Shorncliffe

Medical Board Report at Shorncliffe

 Ø      Noted as a member of the 6th Reserve Battalion

Ø      Reason for disability given as “Rheumatism”

Ø      Date for current disability leave Feb 19, 1917

Ø      Disability reported on previous board was given as “Nephritis”

Ø      During current leave was hospitalized at Helena Hospital but is now practically pain free

Ø      Declared to be fit for home service with no route marches

Ø      Determined that he contracted his Rheumatism while in the Royal Free Hospital in London

Ø      Determined to be unfit for 1 month

Ø      His condition is determined to have been caused by his active service


Apr 4, 1917

Transferred from Casualty Clearing to Eastern Ontario Regimental Depot and posted to 6th Reserve Battalion


May 1, 1917

Pay assignment to wife, Mrs SA Frink, of $30 per month, to be deposited in the Bank of Montreal, Napanee ON.  This went on until July 1, 1917


May 2, 1917

Medical Board Report at Shorncliffe

Ø      Noted as a member of 6th Reserve Battalion

Ø      Disability reported as “Rheumatism”

Ø      Disability was declared as contracted in France in Dec 1916 while on duty and then evacuated to England

Ø      He reports constant pain in back and swelling in both feet

Ø      He is declared as not fit for General Service for 2 months

Ø      Condition is declared to have been caused by exposure and general service conditions


Granted sick leave to Canada without expense to the public, May 2, 1917 to Jun 2, 1917


May 21, 1917

Disembarked SS Olympic in Canada on leave

Medical Board Report at Halifax NS 

Ø      Noted as a member of the 6th Reserve Battalion

Ø      He is noted as suffering from both Nephritis and Rheumatism

Ø      Both ankles are swollen and tender and he walks with a cane

Ø      Urinary problems noted with pain and diminished flow and quantity with no urinalysis available

Ø      Declared not fit for service for 6 months


Jun 1, 1917

Struck Off Strength the 6th Reserve Battalion on posting to Eastern Ontario Regimental Depot at Seaford


Jun 2, 1917

Taken on Strength of the Eastern Ontario Regimental Depot at Seaford from the 6th Reserve Battalion


Jul 3, 1917

Struck Off Strength Eastern Ontario Regimental Depot and retained in Canada for further medical treatment


Aug 1, 1917

Struck Off Strength the Eastern Ontario Regimental Depot at Seaford on being returned to Canada


Jan 3-4, 1918

Medical Board Report at Kingston ON 

Ø       Height given as 5’ 5 ¾” – his attestation papers noted his height as 5’ 5”

Ø       Hair colour is noted as black – his attestation papers noted his hair as brown

Ø       A ½ anchor is noted as a tattoo on his right forearm while the attestation papers noted the tattoo on his left forearm

Ø      Address on discharge given as “Napanee ON”

Ø      Former occupation given as “Machinery Salesman”

Ø      Former service noted as RCR SS Bn 1899 to 1902 – 1st Battalion RCR 1905 to 1908 – 21st Battalion Oct 1915 to present (Jan 3, 1918)

Ø      Disability given as “Sub acute nephritis originating in France between 1914 and 1916 from an unknown cause

Ø      Puffiness beneath eyes, swelling of ankles, occasional back pain, frequent night time urination as it is painful to hold it, sees specks before eyes

Ø      Pus and blood found in urine, along with hyaline and granular costs.

Ø      Disability is ruled to have arisen while “on duty”

Ø      Eyesight checked at 20/20 plus 50D in both eyes.

Ø      Incapacity expected to be 75% for next 6 months

Ø      Board recommends him to be fit for light duty in Canada only, category C3, and that he is not fit to resume his former occupation, but sedentary work only.


Sep 2, 1919

Certificate of Service Details

Ø      Rank noted as Acting Captain

Ø      Joined 21st Battalion Nov 9, 1914

Ø      He served in Canada, England and France with the 21st Battalion, the 39th Battalion and the 6th Reserve Battalion

Ø      He was Struck Off Strength Jan 16, 1918 as “Medically Unfit”


Apr 9, 1966

Died at the Lennox and Addington County General Hospital in Napanee


Buried in the Deseronto Cemetery, Deseronto ON




Note:  It would appear that there is at least one page missing from this file, as there is a gap between Nov 9, 1914 when he was attested into the 21st Battalion, and Sep 25, 1915 when he was Taken on Strength at West Sandling in England from the 39th Battalion.  His name does not appear on the Embarkation Roll of the 21st Battalion when they sailed aboard the SS Metagama on May 6, 1915.

 There are newspaper reports of him in England during that gap that mention him training with the battalion, including a photo of officers of the battalion taken in England and published in July 1915.

 With the data missing, it is difficult to piece together exactly what he was doing during this period.



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