Clifford Gunn

Oct 3, 1896

Born in Madoc Ontario to John and Elizabeth Almira (nee Embury) Gunn


Aug 16, 1915

Attested into the 59th Battalion at Belleville Ontario

Ø  Number 1289366 (this number is noted as being assigned for records purposes only)

Ø  Next of kin given as Mrs A Gunn (mother) of Madoc Ontario

Ø  Previous occupation given as “Clerk”

Ø  Previous military experience given as 1½ weeks in the 34th Battery, Canadian Field Artillery

Ø  He stated that he was not married

Ø  Religion given as “Presbyterian”

Ø  The medical examiner certified him as “Fit”

Ø  His height is recorded as 5’ 9½“

Ø  Eye colour is noted as “Blue”

o   I make note of the above 2 items because his height was later noted as 5’ 11¾“, 5’ 9¼”, and 6’.

o   His eyes were later described as Grey and even later as Hazel.


Aug 18, 1915

Discharged from the 59th Battalion as “Medically Unfit”

Ø  This was only 2 days after the Medical Officer declared him as being “Fit”


Dec 13, 1915

Attested into the 155th Battalion at Madoc Ontario

Ø  Number 636052

Ø  Next of Kin given as John Gunn (father) of Madoc Ontario

Ø  Previous occupation given as “Clerk”

Ø  Stated to be single

Ø  Previous military experience given as Previous military experience given as 1 week in the 34th Battery, Canadian Field Artillery

Ø  Height noted as 5’ 11¾“ (he apparently grew 2½” in 4 months?)


May 28, 1916

Arrived at Camp Barriefield (Kingston Ontario)


Jul 1, 1916

Admitted to Kingston Military Hospital with a sprained ankle


Jul 26, 1916

Discharged from hospital


Oct 18, 1916

Embarked the SS Northland at Halifax for England


Appointed rank of Acting Lance Sargeant


Oct 28, 1916

Disembarked at Liverpool England and proceeded to the Bramshott Camp


Dec 5, 1916

Reverts to rank of Pte at his own request and proceeded to France


Dec 6, 1916

Arrived at the CBD (Canadian Base Depot) and TOS (Taken On Strength) of the 21st Battalion


Dec 7, 1916

Departed the CBD to join the unit


Feb 8, 1917

Joined the 21st Battalion in the field


Apr 20, 1917

Admitted to No 4 CFA (Canadian Field Ambulance) with NYD (Not Yet Determined) Nervousness and then transferred to No 6 CFA

A later medical document described the incident as “man enjoyed good health until he was blown up and buried by a bursting shell at Vimy Ridge”


Apr 22, 1917

Transferred to No 4 Stationary Hospital at Arques with NYD Shell Shock


May 26, 1917

Transferred to No 10 Stationary Hospital with Neurasthenia (Neurasthenia is characterized by general lassitude, irritability, lack of concentration, worry, and hypochondria.)  Today we would call that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


Jun 3, 1917

Invalided to England aboard the Hospital Ship Jan Breydel


Posted to the EORD (Eastern Ontario Regimental Depot) at Seaford England


Jun 4, 1917

Admitted to the Albert Hall Hospital in Nottingham with “Shell Shock” and TOS EORD


Jun 26, 1917

Transferred to Hillingdon House, CCH (Canadian Convalescent Hospital) at Uxbridge England


Jul 1, 1917

Transferred to Woodcote CCH at Epsom


Jul 6, 1917

Discharged from hospital and attached to 3rd CCD for PT (Physical Training) and treatment


Aug 17, 1917

Admitted to CMH (Canadian Military Hospital) at Eastbourne with acute Pulmonary Hemorrhage


Sep 4, 1917

Ceases to be attached to 3rd CCD


Sep 18, 1917

Discharged from hospital and attached to 3rd CCD at Eastbourne


Sep 22, 1917

On Command to 3rd CCD from EORD


Oct 13, 1917

Admitted to Canadian Military Hospital at Eastbourne with Bronchitis


Oct 16, 1917

Transferred to Military Hospital at Hastings


Nov 6, 1917

Ceases to be On Command 3rd CCD


Nov 11, 1917

Transferred to No 15 Canadian General Hospital (Duchess of Connaught Canadian Red Cross Hospital) at Taplow Bucks


Nov 26, 1917

Ceases to be On Command 3rd CCD and sent to the EORD


Feb 22, 1918

Transferred to No 5 CGH (Canadian General Hospital) at Kirkdale


Mar 11, 1918

Discharged from No 5 CGH and invalided to Canada aboard the Hospital Ship SS Araguaya



Mar 22, 1918

Disembarked in Canada


Mar 26, 1918

Admitted to Sanatorium in Kingston Ontario


Mar 30, 1918

Transferred to Queen’s Military Hospital, Kingston Ontario


Apr 18, 1918

TOS MHCC (Military Hospital Casualty Company) at Kingston Ontario


Jul 11, 1918

Medial Board at Queen’s Military Hospital Kingston recommends the following

Ø  Man’s condition should be re-examined in 12 months

Ø  He may return to his previous occupation with marked limitations

Ø  Recommended that he be discharged from the service with a disability pension


Jul 20, 1918

Discharged from hospital


Jul 29, 1918

Discharged from the CEF at Kingston Ontario, as Medically Unfit for further service


May 18, 1921

Married to Ann Elizabeth Cruikshank at the home of Janet and Alison Geggie, 14 Harvard Ave., Toronto, Ontario


Mar 3, 1977

Deceased at St Catharines Ontario and buried in the Victoria Lawn Cemetery there.




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