Herbert John Emmerson Hall

May 4, 1883

Born in Manchester, England


Mar 25, 1914

Embarked the SS Cymric in Liverpool



Apr 5, 1914

Disembarked in Portland Maine and proceeded to Toronto, Ontario.  His occupation was given as Commercial Traveler


Oct 29, 1914

Shown on the payroll of the 40th Northumberland Regiment with the rank of Lance Corporal


Nov 5, 1914

Attested into the 21st Battalion CEF in Kingston, Ontario


Ø  Number 59410 (temporary number 263)

Ø  Next of kin given as May L Oxley, Hodshaven, Intake, Sheffield, England

Ø  Previous occupation given as Salesman

Ø  Previous military experience given as Royal Engineers Volunteers in England

Ø  Religion given as Church of England

Ø  Posted to the Transport Section

The battalion trained in the Kingston area through the winter with headquarters in the Kingston Armouries


Mar 31, 1915

The Transport Section, along with horses and wagons, proceeded to England as an advance party to arrange for the arrival of the full battalion.

The battalion arrived in Devonport, England May 15, 1915 and reunited with the Transport Section in the West Sandling Camp, near Hythe, Kent where the battalion continued training


May 26, 1915

Posted to the Depot Company and employed with the battalion Mess Committee


Jun 22, 1915

Posted for duty with the Mounted Military Police with the rank of Private


Aug 28, 1915

Posted to “A” Company with the rank of Lance Corporal


Sep 14, 1915

Embarked the St. Seiriol in Folkestone



Sep 15, 1915

Disembarked in Boulogne, France and the battalion proceeded to St. Omer


Jun 27, 1916

While occupying the front line trench near Verbrande Molen, Belgium on the Ypres Salient, Private Hall received a shrapnel wound to his scalp and was evacuated to the No. 5 CFA (Canadian Field Ambulance) for first aid before being transported to the No. 3 CCS (Casualty Clearing Station) for further treatment


Jun 28, 1916

Transferred via the No. 1 AT (Ambulance Train) and admitted to the No. 13 General Hospital in Boulogne, France


Jul 5, 1916

Transferred to the No. 1 CCD (Canadian Convalescent Depot) in Boulogne


Jul 6, 1916

Discharged to the base details in Boulogne


Jul 9, 1916

Transferred to the No. 3 General Base Depot in Havre


Jul 24, 1916

Admitted to the No. 39 General Hospital in Havre with a diagnosis that reads NYD (Not Yet Determined) This was later changed to read Pediculosis, a lice infection


Jul 26, 1916

Transferred to the No. 12 Camp in Harfleur


Aug 10, 1916

Medical Board classified him as PB (Permanent Base) meaning he was no longer fit for combat duty


Aug 14, 1916

Attached to the Canadian Corps Headquarters


Nov 1, 1916

Granted 10 days leave


Nov 5, 1916

Awarded the Good Conduct Badge


Sep 26, 1917

Transferred to the Canadian Corps Signals Company, Canadian Engineers and employed as a Driver


Nov 29, 1917

Granted 14 days leave


Dec 8, 1917

Admitted to the 3rd Northern General Hospital while on leave with a diagnosis that reads Right Inguinal Hernia and Flat Feet.  On admission he claimed to have been kicked by a horse while with the Signals Section, Canadian Engineers the previous month and had been suffering with pain in his groin ever since

Transferred to the CERD (Canadian Engineers Regimental Depot) for pay purposed while in hospital


Dec 12, 1917

Surgery was performed to repair his hernia


Feb 27, 1918

Transferred to the Military Convalescent Hospital in Woodcote Park, Epsom


May 13, 1918

Attached to the 3rd CCD (Canadian Command Depot) to continue his recovery in Seaford


Jul 10, 1918

Attached to the CAPC (Canadian Army Pay Corps) for duty in London


Aug 1, 1918

Herbert Hall was involved in a motor vehicle accident in London and received injuries to his eyes and a cut lip.

Admitted to the King George Military Hospital, Stamford St., London with a foreign body in his eye and a small piece of a tooth embedded in his lip.


Aug 10, 1918

Discharged from hospital and transferred permanently to the Canadian Army Pay Corps in London


Oct 4, 1918

Granted permission to marry


Nov 18, 1918

Married to Lucy Pawley in the St. Martin Church, Epsom


Jan 10, 1919

Accidentally scalded his left foot, however he did not seek medical attention


Jan 21, 1919

Admitted to the Endell Street Military Hospital with a scalded left foot that had ulcerated


Feb 3, 1919

Discharged to duty from hospital


Aug 5, 1919

Medical Board at #9 Smith Street, London notes

Ø  Patient has Flat Feet and both a right and left Hernia scars

Ø  Both feet are quite flat and pronated causing difficulty and pain when walking

Ø  Complains of pain in right groin when exercising or lifting

Ø  Board recommends he be returned to Canada for discharge from service


Aug 15, 1919

Attached to the CDD (Canadian Discharge Depot) in London, pending discharge

Discharged from the CEF in London, England

Ø  Rank on discharge Driver

Ø  Entitled to War Service Badge Class “A”

Ø  Proposed residence on discharge 173 Brixton Rd., London, England

Following his discharge, the 1914-15 Star, British War Medal and Victory Medals were sent to him at 92 Woodhouse Road, Intake, Sheffield, England

In 1935 his address was noted as 31 Bore Street, Lichfield, England


Aug 25, 1964

Herbert John Emmerson Hall died in England


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