Edward Hanrahan, MM



Apr 17, 1896

Born at Harrow England  

There are several documents in the service file that state he was born at Blackburn Ontario on the same date.  To this date I have been unable to confirm either location as his actual birthplace.


Nov 6, 1914

Attested into the 21st Battalion at Kingston Ontario 

Ø      Number 59420 (temporary number 771)

Ø      Next of kin given as Mrs D Truhey (relationship unknown) of Blackburn Ontario

Ø      Previous occupation given as Laborer

o       This was later recorded as Student

Ø      No previous military experience given however he stated that he was currently a member of the Active Militia.  No unit or regiment name was recorded

Ø      Religion given as Roman Catholic

Ø      Assigned to “G” Company

o       This was later reorganized into “D” Company


May 6, 1915

Embarked the RMS Metagama at Montreal Quebec



May 15, 1915

Disembarked at Devonport England and proceeded to the West Sandling Camp, near Hythe Kent


Aug 30, 1915

Reported to be AWL (Absent Without Leave)


Sep 1, 1915

Reported for duty from being AWL and fined 3 days pay


Sep 14, 1915

Embarked the St Seiriol at Folkestone



Sep 15, 1915

Disembarked at Boulogne France and proceeded to St Omer


Oct 8, 1915

Admitted to the Rawal Pindi Hospital at Boulogne, wounded by a rifle grenade during the fighting at the Messines Ridge.  The grenade removed the top portion of his right ear


Oct 9, 1915

Invalided to England aboard the Hospital Ship Munich



Oct 10, 1915

Admitted to the Royal Victoria Military Hospital at Netley  

Posted to the 39th Reserve Battalion while in hospital


Oct 26, 1915

Transferred to the Cadlands Hospital


Nov 12, 1915

Transferred to the Hillingdon House Convalescent Hospital at Uxbridge


Nov 13, 1915

Discharged to duty


Feb 5, 1916

Arrived at CBD (Canadian Base Depot) at Havre and TOS (Taken On Strength) the 21st Battalion


Feb 17, 1916

Rejoined the 21st Battalion in the field


Sep 15, 1916

Appointed to rank of Lance Cpl to replace L/Cpl Pirie 59802, who had been promoted


Jan 22, 1917

Attached to the Composite Company for duty


Feb 23, 1917

Returned to duty with the 21st Battalion


Mar 15, 1917

Promoted to rank of Cpl to replace Cpl Golding 59382 who had been promoted


May 13, 1917

Promoted to rank of Sgt to replace Sgt Kitchener 59555, who had been wounded and invalided to England


Aug 3, 1917

Granted 10 days leave


Aug 14, 1917

Rejoined Battalion from leave


Mar 8, 1918

Granted 14 days leave


Mar 27, 1918

At duty from leave


Apr 23, 1918

Awarded the Military Medal per the London Gazette #30652


This was awarded for his actions during raids March 4-6, 1918 at Lens

Citation reads

For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to do duty.  In conjunction with a hostile raid on a large scale when the enemy succeeded in entering our trenches under cover of an intense artillery barrage and the use of liquid fire, this NCO took command of his platoon after his Officer had been wounded and carried on with great courage.  He personally attacked and accounted for an enemy NCO band by his example and daring was a splendid example to his men.

AFW 3121


May 2, 1918

Admitted to No 6 CFA (Canadian Field Ambulance)  Diagnosis reads PUO (Pyrexia of Unknown Origin) and then transferred same day to the CCS (Casualty Clearing Station) 

Same day was transferred to No 3 Canadian Stationary Hospital


May 3, 1918

Transferred by No 27 Ambulance Train


May 6, 1918

Admitted to No 51 General Hospital at Etaples 

Diagnosis changed to read VDS (Venereal Disease Syphilis)


Jun 27, 1918

Transferred to No 6 Canadian Convalescent Depot 

Forfeits Field allowance in addition to pay being restricted by 50¢ per day for the time he was in hospital (May 6, 1918 to June 27, 1918, 53 days)


Jul 12, 1918

Discharged to duty at CIBD (Canadian Infantry Base Depot) at Etaples


Jul 24, 1918

Proceeded to the CC Rein C (Canadian Corps Reinforcement Camp)


Jul 28, 1918

Rejoined the 21st Battalion in the field


Aug 8, 1918

Admitted to No 1 CFA with a Gun Shot Wound to his leg receive during the fighting at Amiens 

Transferred the same day to No 5 CCS and subsequently transferred same day by No 26 Ambulance Train to No 10 General Hospital at Rouen


Aug 12, 1918

Transferred via No 5 Ambulance Train and admitted to No 74 General Hospital at Trouville


Sep 16, 1918

Discharged to No 13 Convalescent Depot at Trouville


Nov 3, 1918

Reported to be AWL at 14.30 hrs


Nov 4, 1918

Placed under arrest and held for FGCM (Field General Court Martial)


Nov 9, 1918

Tried by FGCM and convicted on the charge of being AWL 

Sentenced to Forfeit 1 day’s pay under RW (Royal Warrant) and fined 8 day’s pay.


Nov 15, 1918

Discharged from the Convalescent Hospital to duty with the Base Depot


Nov 18, 1918

Arrived at CIBD


Nov 23, 1918

Arrived at CC Rein C


Jan 7, 1919

Proceeded to the Witley Camp, England and TOS the EORD (Eastern Ontario Regimental Depot) then attached to the 6th Reserve Battalion at Seaford


Feb 6, 1919

Admitted to the Canadian Brigade Hospital at Nottinghill, Lyminge diagnosis reads Latent Syphilis


Mar 7, 1919

Discharged from hospital and posted to the Depot Company at Seaford


Apr 15, 1919

Proceeded to Kimmel Park pending return to Canada


May 7, 1919

Embarked the RMS Celtic at Liverpool



May 15, 1919

Disembarked at Halifax Nova Scotia and proceeded to Ottawa Ontario


May 17, 1919

Discharged from the CEF at Ottawa Ontario 

Ø      War Service Badge Class “A” issued, number 184514

Ø      Rank on discharge Sgt

Ø      Proposed residence on discharge Ottawa Ontario


Mar 29, 1924

British War Medal and Victory Medal sent to him c/o Wallace Lumber Co, Sultan, Washington, USA 

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