Hanlan Howard

Information supplied by Brian Paudash 

Dec 6, 1886

Born at Hiawatha Ontario


Nov 20, 1914

Attested into the 21st Battalion at Kingston Ontario 

Ø      Number 59483

Ø      Next of kin given as “Madden Howard”, of Hiawatha Ontario

Ø      Occupation given as “Carpenter”

Ø      No previous military experience is listed

Ø      Religion given as “Wesleyan”

Ø      Assigned to “C” Company


Nov 26, 1914

Noted to have “flat feet”, but not serious enough to cause rejection


May 6, 1915

Embarked the RMS Metagama for England



May 15, 1915

Disembarked in England and proceeded to West Sandling Camp


Jul 3, 1915

Fined $2.00 for “Drunkeness”


Aug 17, 1915

Fined $6.00 for “Drunkeness”


Sep 14, 1915

Embarked at Folkestone and disembarked at Boulogne, France


Mar 8, 1916

Admitted to No 5 Canadian Field Ambulance with “Influenza”


Mar 10, 1916

Transferred to No 6 Canadian Field Ambulance Rest Station


Mar 15, 1916

Discharged to Duty


Aug 18, 1916

Classified “C” and proceeded to England (Flat feet)


Aug 20, 1916

TOS (Taken on Strength) CCAC (Canadian Casualty Assembly Center) at Folkstone 

Medical Board at CCAC, Folkestone 

Ø      Cause of disability is “Flat Feet”

Ø      Complains that feet have been bothering him for 6 months

Ø      Declared “Fit for Permanent Base Duty”


Aug 21, 1916

On Command 39th Battalion for PBD (Permanent Base Duty)


Aug 25, 1916

Fined $3.00 for “Drunkeness” and given 10 days Field Punishment No 2


Sep 8, 1916

Fined $6.00 for “Drunkeness” and given 20 days Field Punishment No 2


Oct 3, 1916

Medical Report at West Sandling 

Ø      Cause of disability is “Flat Feet” originating previous to enlistment

Ø      He claims it never bothered him in civil life

Ø      He went to England with the 21st Battalion and was always able to carry on

Ø      He went to France and had a long march from St Omer to Dranoutre and noticed both feet paining him

Ø      During the winter his feet did not bother him while wearing rubber boots

Ø      On resuming to wear leather boots, both feet became very painful and was returned to England because of that

Ø      Problem is aggravated by marching and actual service conditions

Ø      Arches of both feet are flattened and insteps rest on the ground

Ø      Man complains of constant pain when wearing boots

Ø      Walks with a decided limp to each side

Ø      Declared fit for Base duty in Canada


Oct 11, 1916

Medical Report of October 3, 1916 recommendations are approved by Medical Board at Shorncliffe


Oct 23, 1916

The Medical Board recommendation of “Permanent Base Duty only” is the basis for a recommendation of him being discharged as there is no suitable employment in the CEF


Nov 2, 1916

Ceases to be attached to 39th Battalion on returning to CCAC at West Sandling


Nov 3, 1916

Reports to CCAC at West Sandling


Nov 8, 1916

On Command to CCAC Garrison Duty Depot at Shoreham


Nov 29, 1916

1 pair of new boots issued


Jan 29, 1917

Attached to 24th Reserve Battalion at Bramshott


Mar 10, 1917

SOS CCAC to EORD (Eastern Ontario Regiment Depot) at Hastings


Apr 13, 1917

Attached to BC Reg Depot (British Columbia Regimental Depot), ceases to be attached to 24th Reserve Battalion, then reattached to BCRD at Seaford


Apr 16, 1917

Ceases to be on course


Apr 17, 1917

Ceases to be attached to BCRD and reported to EORD Seaford


May 2, 1917

TOS CFC BD (Canadian Forestry Corps, Base Details) at Sunningdale


May 11, 1917

TOS CDD (Canadian Discharge Depot) at Buxton


May 12, 1917

SOS and embarked the SS Olympic at Liverpool on proceeding to Canada



May 21, 1917

Disembarked at Quebec


May 26, 1917

Medical Board report at Discharge Depot at Quebec 

Ø      Cause of disability is “Flat Feet” not due to service

Ø      Is in good physical condition

Ø      States that he was turned down once for “Flat Feet”

Ø      States that he was unable to carry on because of painful feet

Ø      Both arches are affected

Ø      Original attestation papers indicate flat feet

Ø      Declared to be none pensionable


Jun 13, 1917

Discharged at Quebec – intended place of residence given as “RR #2, Keene, Peterboro Ontario”


Aug 18, 1921

British War Medal and Victory Medal sent to RR# 2, Peterboro Ontario


Mar 7, 1923

It appears that a second set of medals was sent to him


Jan 27, 1959

Deceased – interred at the Hiawatha Cemetery, Hiawatha Ontario


Dec 12, 1991

Request from Veteran’s Affairs at Kirkland Lake for service information for a grave marker 



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