Marcus "Mark" Anthony King

Aug 19, 1896

Born in Niagara Falls, Ontario to Joseph and Mary (nee Carr) King


Mar 26, 1915

Attested into the 21st Battalion in Lindsay, Ontario


Ø  Number 59551 (temporary number 1386)

Ø  Next of kin given as Joseph King, father, 189 Berkley St., Toronto, Ontario

Ø  Previous occupation given as Teamster

Ø  No previous military experience given

Ø  Religion given as Roman Catholic

Ø  Posted to the Depot Company

o   Later posted to “B” Company

The 21st Battalion trained in the Kingston, Ontario area through the winter of 1914-15.


May 6, 1915

Embarked the RMS Metagama in Montreal, Quebec



May 15, 1915

Disembarked in Devonport, England and the battalion proceeded to the West Sandling Camp, near Hythe, Kent to continue training


Jun 3, 1915

Sentenced to 5 days detention for misconduct


Sep 14, 1915

Embarked the St. Seiriol in Folkestone



Sep 15, 1915

Disembarked in Boulogne, France and the battalion proceeded to St. Omer


Oct 16, 1915

While in the front lines near Voormezeele, Belgium, Private King was hit in the head by fragments from a rifle grenade and knocked unconscious.  He was evacuated to the No. 5 CFA (Canadian Field Ambulance) for first aid where he briefly regained consciousness and was paralysed in his right side.  He was transported to the No. 3 CCS (Casualty Clearing Station) near Bailleul, France


Oct 17, 1915

Transferred via the No. 22 AT (Ambulance Train) and admitted to the No. 20 General Hospital in Dannes Camiers, France

X-rays show a skull fracture and pieces of shrapnel imbedded in the frontal portion of his brain and declared to be dangerously ill



Oct 30, 1915

Removed from the dangerously ill list


Nov 2, 1915

Invalided to England aboard the Hospital Ship Brighton


On arrival in England he was admitted to the York House Hospital in Folkestone

Transferred to the 39th Reserve Battalion for pay purposes while in hospital


Feb 1, 1916

Transferred to the Shorncliffe Military Hospital


Feb 15, 1916

Transferred to the CCAC (Canadian Casualty Assembly Centre) for pay purposes while in hospital


Mar 2, 1916

Discharged from hospital care and transferred to the CCD (Canadian Command Depot) for discharge


Mar 11, 1916

Embarked the SS Sicilian in Liverpool



Mar 24, 1916

Disembarked in Saint John, New Brunswick and proceeded to Quebec City, Quebec


Mar 27, 1916

Medical Board in Quebec City notes

Ø  Partial paralysis of right arm and leg from brain injury from rifle grenade

Ø  Patient drags his right leg when walking

Ø  Considerably diminished power in right arm and hand

Ø  X-ray shows shrapnel present in frontal portion of brain

Ø  There is a depressed scar in centre of forehead

Ø  Board considers his disability to be total with minimum 1 year duration

Ø  Board recommends rest and massage, either in own home or convalescent home


Mar 31, 1916

Admitted to the Central Convalescent Home in Toronto, Ontario with partial paralysis of right arm and leg


Sep 22, 1916

Medical Board in Toronto notes

Ø  Patient has weakness in right arm and leg

Ø  Walks with a decided limp and drags his right foot

Ø  Right hand is slightly improved but no power in his fingers

Ø  Feels dizzy at times and sleeps poorly

Ø  Disability is determined to be ¾

Ø  Board recommends continued convalescent home treatment


Jan 9, 1917

Medical Board at Toronto Convalescent Home notes

Ø  Patient has difficulty in walking due to brain injury

Ø  Has difficulty moving right arm and hand

Ø  Some hesitation of speech

Ø  Vision is good but suffers from headaches after reading a short time

Ø  Board considers disability is 4/5 and permanent

Ø  Board recommends he be discharged from service with suitable compensation

Discharged to light duties from the convalescent home


Feb 10, 1917

Discharged from the CEF in Toronto

Ø  Rank on discharge Private

Ø  Entitled to War Service Badge Class “A”

Ø  Entitled to War Service Badge Class “B”

Ø  Proposed residence on discharge 189 Berkley St., Toronto, Ontario

Following the end of the war, the 1914-15 Star, British War Medal and Victory Medals were sent to him at 189 Berkley St., Toronto, Ontario


Aug 14, 1947

Surgery performed at the Christie Street Veterans Hospital in Toronto to remove Gangrenous Bowel.


Aug 18, 1947

Mark Anthony King died of post operative Pneumonia following the surgery for Gangrene of the bowel and was buried in the Mount Hope Cemetery, Toronto



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