Neil John MacCrimmon MCwBar



Jul 3, 1890

Born at Glenroy Ontario


Nov 20, 1914

Attested into the No 4 Field Ambulance at Calgary Alberta 

Ø      Number 1337

Ø      Next of Kin given as Mary Jane MacCrimmon (mother) of 1009 6th Avenue, Calgary Alberta

Ø      Previous occupation given as “Bookkeeper – Stenographer”

Ø      No previous military experience given

Ø      Religion given as Presbyterian


Apr 18, 1915

Embarked the SS Northland at Halifax for England



Apr 29, 1915

Disembarked at Avonmouth England


May 9, 1915

Promoted to Sgt Clerk and employed as Orderly Room Sgt.


Jun 1, 1915

Appointed Clerk with pay of $1.50 per diem plus field allowance of 20 cents


Jun 14, 1915

Will made out leaving entire estate to Mrs Mary Jane MacCrimmon (mother)


Jun 18, 1915

Attended Cadet School for instructional purposes (Officer Training)


Jul 1, 1915

Attached to the 28th Battalion, the London Artist’s Rifles


Jul 19, 1915

Ceases to be attached to 28th London Artist’s Rifles on proceeding to 50th Division Headquarters for attachment to a battalion in the line for further training.


Sep 13, 1915

Embarked for France


Jul 21, 1916

Ceases to draw rate of pay as “Clerk”


Oct 19, 1916

Ceases to be attached to 50th Division and attached to the 7th Northumberland Fusiliers


Dec 24, 1916

TOS 21st Battalion


Jan 1, 1917

Granted a commission Lieutenant and posted to 21st Canadian Battalion, London Gazette #30162


Jan 12, 1917

Granted 10 days leave to England


Jan 22, 1917

Leave extended to January 24, 1917


Jan 26, 1917

At duty from leave


Jan 28, 1917

Admitted to No 22 CCS (Casualty Clearing Station) with Gonorrhea


Jan 31, 1917

Transferred to No12 “AT” (Ambulance Transport)


Feb 1, 1917

Admitted to No 1 British Red Cross Hospital


Feb 3, 1917

Transferred to No 39 General Hospital Havre


May 17, 1917

Discharged from hospital to CBD (Canadian Base Depot) Havre


May 18, 1917



Jun 4, 1917

TOS No 2 CIBD (Canadian Infantry Base Depot) from Havre


Jun 12, 1917

Admitted to No 24 General Hospital at Etaples with Gonorrhea


Jun 13, 1917

Transferred to No 39 General Hospital Havre


Jun 21, 1917

Transferred to No 51 General Hospital


Jul 12, 1917

Discharged from hospital to CBD


Jul 13, 1917

Arrived at No 2 CIBD


Jul 16, 1917

Left to join unit (21st Battalion)


Jul 18, 1917

At duty from hospital


Aug 12, 1917

Proceeded on Course


Sep 19, 1917

At duty from course


Jan 3, 1918

Granted 14 days leave


Jan 19, 1918

Rejoined battalion from leave


Feb 2, 1918

Proceeded on course


Feb 17, 1918

To be Temp Captain


Feb 23, 1918

Rejoined battalion from course


Aug 26, 1918

Wounded left foot and hand, admitted to 4 CFA (Canadian Field Ambulance) and transferred to CCS (Casualty Clearing Station)


Aug 27, 1918

Admitted to No 5 British Red Cross Hospital with wounds to left foot and hand


Aug 29, 1918

Invalided aboard the Ambulance Transport Pieter de Coninck to England and detached to the EORD (Eastern Ontario Regimental Depot)


Admitted to Fort Pitt Military Hospital at Chatham


Sep 14, 1918

Transferred to the Canadian Officer’s Convalescent Hospital at Matlock, Bath


Sep 16, 1918

Medical Board at COCH at Matlock declares him healed and fit for general service


Sep 21, 1918

Discharged from hospital and posted to the 6th Reserve Battalion


Sep 26, 1918

Granted leave until October 12, 1918


Nov 29, 1918

TOS EORD pending return to Canada


Nov 30, 1918

SOS OMFC (Overseas Military Force of Canada) to CEF in Canada

 Embarked the SS Pannonia for Canada



Dec 13, 1918

Disembarked in Canada 

Proceeded to MD #13, Calgary


Dec 26, 1918

SOS establishment of 21st Battalion


Jan 10, 1919

Discharged from the CEF on General Demobilization 

Ø      There was no post discharge address given and the medals card gives latest address as “not given”

Ø      It is of note that there is no indication in the file that his British War Medal or Victory Medals were ever delivered to him.


Jan 11, 1919

Awarded the Military Cross, London Gazette #31119


Awarded Bar to Military Cross, London Gazette #31119


 I believe that both awards were earned for action on August 26, 1918, while he was in Command of “B” Company.


The following is quoted from the book "A Rifleman Went to War" by HW McBride, who was a member of the 21st Battalion:

Page 331 - Captain MacCrimmon of the 21st Battalion.

He was a sergeant when I was one and rose to the command of B Company. At the Battle of Arras, having gained his objective, he found his position enfiladed by a battery of three field guns, so, taking a rifle and calling for a sergeant to go with him he proceeded to abate those guns. The two of them then rushed the position, shot some more of the gunners and then stood, back to back, holding off the rest of the enemy until his men came up. Then, he calmly took a piece of chalk from his pocket and marked the guns "Captured by B Company."


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