Hugh Mackeachan

Jun 28, 1884

Born in Argyllshire, Scotland


Jun 3, 1911

Embarked the SS Scotian in Glasgow, Scotland



Jun 11, 1911

Disembarked in Montreal, Quebec and proceeded to Renfrew, Ontario

Shortly after his arrival in Renfrew, Hugh MacKeachan joined the Renfrew Pipe Band


Dec 18, 1914

Attested into the 21st Battalion CEF in Kingston, Ontario

Ø  Number 59620 (temporary number 1189)

Ø  Next of kin given as Mrs. Jane MacKeachan, mother, Ballygrant, Islay, Argyllshire, Scotland

Ø  Previous occupation given as Fireman

Ø  No previous military experience given

Ø  Religion given as Presbyterian

Ø  Assigned to the Depot Company

o   Later assigned to “B” Company

o   Employed in the battalion’s Pipe Band

The battalion trained in the Kingston area through the winter with headquarters in the Kingston Armouries

Hugh MacKeachan was a member of the Pipe Band that escorted the volunteers from Renfrew, Ontario to Kingston for enlistment and was enticed to stay and join the battalion


Feb 13, 1915

Admitted to the Kingston Military Hospital with a diagnosis that reads Influenza


Feb 18, 1915

Discharged to duty from hospital


May 6, 1915

Embarked the RMS Metagama in Montreal, Quebec



May 15, 1915

Disembarked in Devonport, England and the battalion proceeded to the West Sandling Camp, near Hythe, Kent to continue training


Sep 14, 1915

Embarked the St. Seiriol in Folkestone



Sep 15, 1915

Disembarked in Boulogne, France and the battalion proceeded to St. Omer


Oct 4, 1916

Attached to the Divisional Mule Fatigue in Albert for duty


Oct 15, 1916

Rejoined the battalion from fatigue duty


Jan 5, 1917

Granted 10 days leave


Jan 24, 1917

Rejoined the battalion from leave after a 4 day extension was granted


May 1, 1917

After being admitted to the Military Hospital in Wimereux with chest pain, he was invalided to England aboard the Hospital Ship St Denis


On arrival in England he was admitted to the Gravesend Military Hospital in Chatham with a diagnosis that reads DAH (Disordered Activity of the Heart).  This was later changed to read Myalgia

Posted to the EORD (Eastern Ontario Regimental Depot) for pay purposes while in hospital


May 12, 1917

Transferred to the Rust Hall Hospital, Tunbridge Wells and Rheumatism is added to the diagnosis


May 24, 1917

Transferred to the Fort Pitt Military Hospital in Chatham


Jun 13, 1917

Transferred to the Canadian Convalescent Hospital in Wood Cote Park, Epsom


Jul 6, 1917

Transferred to the King’s Canadian Red Cross Hospital in Bushy Park and the diagnosis changed to read Tachycardia

On admission, he was complaining of palpitations, vertigo, pain in back and legs, excessive fatigue on exertion and profuse sweating.

He is noted as being very nervous and has tremors of the extremities


Sep 5, 1917

Discharged from hospital and granted 12 days leave with orders to report to the EORD Depot in Seaford on completion of leave


Nov 1, 1917

Transferred to the CFC (Canadian Forestry Corps) and reported to the CFCBD (Canadian Forestry Corps Base Depot) in Sunningdale


Nov 8, 1917

Transferred to the 129th Company, District 51 CFC in Nairn, Scotland for duty


Nov 23, 1918

Transferred to the CFC Base Depot in Sunningdale, England


Nov 29, 1918

Medical Board in Sunningdale notes:

Ø  General condition poor

Ø  Patient is anemic and poorly nourished

Ø  Suffers from uncontrolled tremors in hands

Ø  Complains of chest pain on exertion


Dec 6, 1918

Attached to the CDD (Canadian Discharge Depot) in Buxton pending return to Canada


Dec 12, 1918

Embarked the SS Northland in Liverpool



Dec 26, 1918

Disembarked in Halifax, Nova Scotia and proceeded to Kingston, Ontario where he was TOS the Casualty Company


Dec 27, 1918

Granted leave with subsistence until January 11, 1919


Jan 28, 1919

Discharged from the CEF in Kingston, Ontario

Ø  Rank on discharge Private

Ø  War Service Badge Class “A” issued

Ø  Proposed residence on discharge Renfrew, Ontario


Following his discharge the 1914-15 Star, British War Medal and Victory Medals were sent to him in Renfrew


From the summer issue of the Communiqué
the 21st Battalion Association post war newsletter



May 16, 1945

Listed on the Canadian Voter’s list as a farmer in Butte, Alberta


Nov 6, 1967

Hugh MacKeachan died while a patient in the National Defence Medical Centre, Ottawa, Ontario




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