Lieut.  Walter Kent "Wattie" Macnee


Lt WK Macnee

  • Born in Kingston,Ont Feb/26/90
    Former service in the 5th Bty CFA.
    Commission in 14th Regt PWOR. Jun/1908.
    To 5th Bty CFA Feb/1910.
    Back to 14th Regt Mar/1913.
    Enlisted in 21st at Kingston Sep/11/14.
    Next of kin given as Macnee,W H 115 Union St, Kingston,Ont.
    TOS with 21st Dec/14/15 from 39th Reserve Bn.
    To Canadian Training Div Nov/09/17.
    Died New York City 1953.
    Probably stayed in Kingston as a Depot Officer and therefore not on 21st Sailing List.

From the January 1954 issue of the Communiqué


Information compiled by Steve Nichol, and reproduced with permission


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