Below is part of a military family history compiled by
L.T. Welch II

These pages, and the additional photos, were supplied by Alexander's sons, James, John and Paul, and reproduced here with their permission



Alex 1915

The McLellan family 1915

Alex standing on left. (wounded with 21st Bttn
James standing rear. (killed in action with the 21st Bttn
Archie sitting in uniform (killed in action with the 38th Bttn)
Aneas sitting in the front (wounded with the 7th Field Coy, RCE)

Alex kept a bee colony and he is shown above left in 1912 and on the right in 1914 tending to his bees


James McLellan (brother) who was KIA with the 21st on Aug 8, 1918, on left and Alex McLellan on right



In lower photo, two of Alex's brothers, James, on left and Aneas (Artillery, wounded Aug 29, 1918) on right


It would appear that the 2 photos above were taken in the same location on the same date, so it would seem that the 3 brothers were able to spend some time together before James was killed and both Alex and Aneas were wounded



James McLellan on left and Alex McLellan on Right 1916
Alex McLellan as a Sgt in the 154th Battalion in 1917


Alex with the bear mascot of the 154th Battalion in Barriefield, 1916


Alex as #3 platoon Sgt, 154th Bttn, on Aug 24, 1916 in Bramshot England


Alex on leave in London 1916 with Sgt Ryan on left and Stan Eamer (a 21ster) on right


Alex on leave at Belfast Ireland Cave Hill in  1917


Alex on leave in Kilarney February 4th 1918 (standing rear)

Alex in 1923 as a post war beekeeper


Alex, post war, as a chicken farmer

Alex McLellan on right, with son Archie McLellan, RCAF Pilot 1944, leaving for the fray



Alex McLellan and his wife Florence with their 10 children.


Alex McLellan in 1976, standing at his future gravesite at the Union Cemetary on the St. Lawrence River, near Long Sault, Ontario.  He passed away Aug 16, 1987 


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