Wentworth Chauncey Miller

Jul 28, 1894

Born in Hennigar, Nova Scotia to Hennigar and Mary Ann (nee Kenty) Miller


Sep 3, 1915

Attested into the 64th Battalion CEF in Sussex, New Brunswick

Ø  Number 469899

Ø  Next of kin given as Mrs. Annie Miller, mother, Hennigar, Nova Scotia

Ø  Previous occupation given as Cap Cutter

Ø  No previous military experience given

Ø  Religion given as Church of England


Jan 10, 1916

Appointed to the provisional rank of Corporal.  This was later changed to read Acting Corporal


Mar 2, 1916

Admitted to the Station Hospital in Halifax with a diagnosis that reads Pediculosis, a Lice infestation


Mar 4, 1916

Discharged to duty from hospital


Mar 31, 1916

Embarked the SS Adriatic in Halifax, Nova Scotia



Apr 9, 1916

Disembarked in Liverpool, England and proceeded to the East Sandling camp


Jul 6, 1916

Transferred to the 40th Reserve Battalion in Shorncliffe to continue training


Jul 12, 1916

Transferred to the 21st Battalion


Jul 14, 1916

Arrived at the CBD (Canadian Base Depot) in the Rouelles Camp, Havre, France as part of a draft of 76 reinforcements from England and TOS (Taken On Strength) the 21st Battalion

Reverted to the rank of Private on arrival


Aug 8, 1916

After leaving the base depot he joined the 2nd Canadian Entrenching Battalion in the Halifax Camp near Brandhoek, Belgium


Aug 22, 1916

After leaving the entrenching battalion, Private Miller joined the 21st Battalion resting in the Quebec Camp near Poperinge, Belgium


Sep 15, 1916

During the 21st Battalion’s capture of the sugar factory south of Courcelette, France, Private Miller received a wound to his left foot when an artillery shell exploded nearby and a piece of the shell casing hit him.  He was evacuated to a nearby field ambulance for first aid before being transported to a casualty clearing station where surgery was performed to remove shell fragments


Sep 16, 1916

Transferred to the No. 9 General Hospital in Rouen


Sep 17, 1916

Invalided to England aboard the Hospital Ship Maheno



On arrival in England he was admitted to the No. 2 Southern General Hospital in Bristol where additional surgery was performed to remove bone and leather fragments from the wound

Transferred to the CCAC (Canadian Casualty Assembly Centre) for pay purposes while in hospital


Dec 19, 1916

Transferred to the Canadian Convalescent Hospital in Bear Wood, Wokingham


Feb 2, 1917

Embarked the SS Missanabie in Liverpool



Feb 11, 1917

Disembarked in Saint John, New Brunswick


Feb 12, 1917

Medical Board in Saint John, New Brunswick notes

Ø  Note is made of the shrapnel injury and previous treatment

Ø  Patient is unable to bear weight on the ball of his left foot on account of pain

Ø  Limited movement of toes of left foot

Ø  Disability is considered permanent

Ø  Board recommends he be sent home with sick leave for 1 month then be re-examined


Mar 22, 1917

Medical Board at the Halifax Military Hospital notes

Ø  Patient has not fully recovered from the wound to his left foot

Ø  There is limited flexing of toes and man walks with a limp

Ø  Board recommends a 2 month extension to his sick leave


Jul 1, 1917

Taken On Strength “B” Unit, MHCC (Military Hospital Commission of Canada) in Halifax


Sep 28, 1917

Admitted to the Pine Hill Military Convalescent Hospital in Halifax

Notes on admission

Ø  Patient suffers from shrapnel wound to left foot and Chronic Otitis Media, a middle ear infection

Ø  There is some limitation of movement of left foot

Ø  Man walks with a slight limp

Ø  Both ear drums are perforated and draining

Ø  Disability determined to be 20% and permanent

Ø  No further treatment is recommended


Dec 6, 1917

To be treated as an out patient of the Pine Hill Hospital pending discharge from the service


Dec 31, 1917

Discharged from the CEF in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Ø  Rank on discharge Corporal

Ø  Entitled to War Service Badge Class “A”

Ø  No address on discharge given

Following the end of the war, the British War Medal and Victory Medals were sent to him at Hennigar, Nova Scotia


Apr 13, 1954

Wentworth Chauncy Miller died and was buried in the Maplewood Cemetery, Windsor, Nova Scotia


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