Robert Hart "Bob" Muir

May 13, 1881

Born in Blantyre, Scotland to William and Margaret (nee Hart) Muir


Jul 7, 1903

Embarked the SS Lake Erie in Liverpool, England



Jul 17, 1903

Disembarked in Montreal, Quebec and proceeded to Toronto, Ontario


Sep 22, 1906

Married to Maud Barrett in Peterborough, Ontario

In September of 1914, Robert Muir volunteered with the 3rd Brigade, Field Artillery of the 1st Canadian Division, number 381.  He did not proceed to England with the division and there is no reason given in the file for his discharge from the artillery


Shown here with his family prior to enlistment



Nov 5, 1914

Attested into the 21st Battalion in Kingston, Ontario


Ø  Number 59681 (temporary number 663)

Ø  Next of kin given as Mrs. Maud Muir, wife, 258 Autrim St., Peterborough, Ontario

Ø  Previous occupation given as Iron Moulder

Ø  Previous military experience given as 7th Field Battery, Canadian Field Artillery

Ø  Religion given as Presbyterian

Ø  Posted to “F” Company

o   This was later reorganized into “C” Company

The 21st Battalion trained in the Kingston, Ontario area through the winter of 1914-15.


Dec 30, 1914

Forfeited 1 day’s pay for being absent


May 6, 1915

Embarked the RMS Metagama in Montreal, Quebec



May 15, 1915

Disembarked in Devonport, England and the battalion proceeded to the West Sandling Camp, near Hythe, Kent to continue training


Sep 14, 1915

Embarked the St. Seiriol in Folkestone



Sep 15, 1915

Disembarked in Boulogne, France and the battalion proceeded to St. Omer


Jan 23, 1916

While the 21st Battalion was in the front line N & O trench system near Voormezeele, Belgium, the enemy opened up with an artillery barrage, mixed with high explosive and shrapnel shells.  Private Muir received shrapnel wounds to his head and face and was evacuated to the No. 5 CFA (Canadian Field Ambulance) for first aid before being transported to the No. 2 CCS (Casualty Clearing Station).  He was quickly placed on board the No. 16 AT (Ambulance Train) and transported to the No. 26 General Hospital in Etaples, France


Mar 19, 1916

Invalided to England aboard the Hospital Ship Cambria


On arrival in England, he was admitted to the Colchester General Hospital

Transferred to the CCAC (Canadian Casualty Assembly Centre) for pay purposes while in hospital


Mar 27, 1916

Transferred to the Hillingdon House Convalescent Hospital in Uxbridge

In addition to his shrapnel wounds, his hearing is noted as being impaired in his left ear and there is a nasal infection


Apr 3, 1916

Discharged from hospital to the Canadian Casualty Assembly Centre


Apr 6, 1916

Admitted to the Moore Barracks Hospital in Folkestone for ongoing treatment of his wounds


Apr 14, 1916

Attached to the CCD & ED (Canadian Command Depot and Employment Depot) in Bath


May 4, 1916

Embarked the SS Missanabie in Liverpool



May 14, 1916

Disembarked in Quebec City, Quebec

Medical Board in Quebec City notes

Ø  Patient can only open his mouth about ½ inch and cannot chew solid food

Ø  X-Ray shows medium sized piece of shrapnel in his left jaw

Ø  There is a scar from shrapnel wound at the hair line on his forehead that causes no disability

Ø  His total disability is determined to be 1/8th and is permanent

Ø  Board recommends that surgery would be of no value


May 21, 1916

Admitted to the Elmhurst Military Convalescent Hospital in Kingston, Ontario


Sep 28, 1916

Discharged from the CEF in Kingston, Ontario

Ø  Rank on discharge Private

Ø  Entitled to War Service Badge Class “A”

Ø  Proposed residence on discharge Peterborough, Ontario

Following the end of the war, the 1914-15 Star, British War Medal and Victory Medals were sent to him at 258 Antrim St., Peterborough, Ontario.  In 1941, replacement medals were sent to him at 300 Parkhill Rd., Peterborough, Ontario

Robert Muir served as a Vice President of the Peterborough branch of the Great War Veterans Association

He was employed for many years as the Chief Caretaker of the Peterborough Armouries


Aug 18, 1951

Robert Hart Muir died of Bronchopneumonia while a patient of the Sunnybrook Veterans Hospital in Toronto, Ontario.  He was buried in the Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Toronto



Robert Hart Muir is remembered on the Wall of Honour in
Peterborough, Ontario



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