David Ollen

aka Frank Leo Driscoll

Apr 6, 1893

Born in Lawrence, Massachusetts, USA


Apr 13, 1916

Attested into the 91st Battalion CEF in St. Thomas, Ontario

Ø  Number 190263

Ø  Next of kin given as Mrs. Elizabeth F. Ollen, mother, 33 Exchange St., Rockland, Massachusetts, USA

o   This was later changed to read Mrs. Elizabeth F. Driscoll, mother, with the same address

Ø  Previous occupation given as Shoemaker

Ø  Previous military experience given as 4 years in the USA Navy

Ø  Religion given as Methodist

Ø  Assigned to “D” Company

He lied about his name, stating that he was David Ollen, but in fact, his real name was Frank Leo Driscoll.  His name was changed in his file on July 24, 1919

The battalion trained in the St. Thomas area


May 19, 1916

Admitted to the London, Ontario hospital with a diagnosis that reads Syphilis.  He claimed that he became infected in Detroit, USA


May 26, 1916

Discharged to duty from hospital


Jun 12, 1916

Readmitted to the London hospital with recurring symptoms of his Syphilis


Jun 14, 1916

Discharged to duty from hospital


Jun 25, 1916

The battalion boarded a train in St. Thomas to head off to war


Jun 29, 1916

Embarked the SS Olympic in Halifax, Nova Scotia



Jul 5, 1916

Disembarked in Liverpool, England and proceeded to Otterpool


Jul 15, 1916

Transferred to the 39th Reserve Battalion in West Sandling


Sep 5, 1916

Sentenced to 14 days Field Punishment #2 and forfeited 14 days pay for absence


Oct 11, 1916

Sentenced to 28 days Field Punishment #2 for absence


Nov 10, 1916

Reported to be AWL (Absent Without Leave)


Nov 30, 1916

A Court of Inquiry declared him to be illegally absent and he was SOS (Struck Off Strength) the 39th Reserve Battalion


Dec 5, 1916

He was taken back on the strength of the 39th Reserve Battalion after being arrested and taken into custody


Dec 8, 1916

He escaped from the prisoner cells at West Sandling while awaiting Court Martial.  The NCO in charge of the cells at the time of his escape, Acting Sergeant Robert Lee, was Court Martialed for negligence in allowing the escape in that he left the door to the cell unlocked and open in an attempt to allow some heat into the cold cell.


Jan 2, 1917

Court of Inquiry declares him to be illegally absent and he is struck off the strength of the battalion and forfeited 21 days pay that was currently owed to him


Mar 2, 1917

Arrested in London and taken into custody

Posted to the 6th Reserve Battalion while in custody


Mar 19, 1917

Private Ollen (aka Driscoll) was tried by District Court Martial charged with

 Ø  Desertion while on active service

Ø  Losing by neglect his Regimental necessaries

Ø  While in confinement, escaping and remaining absent

Ø  Committing an act to the prejudice of good conduct and military discipline

 He was found guilty of escaping custody while waiting for trial and being illegally absent.  He was sentenced to 1 year in Prison in Hard Labour then to be discharged with ignominy (in disgrace) from the service upon his release from prison.  To be held in the Portsmouth Prison to serve his sentence


Mar 23, 1917

The portion of his sentence ordering his dismissal from the service was remitted, thus allowing him to return to active service following his discharge from prison.  The 1 year prison sentence was changed to read Detention for 1 year


Apr 20, 1917

Transferred to the Gosport Detention Barracks in Brighton and TOS the 6th Reserve Battalion while in detention


Sep 1, 1917

Private Ollen (Driscoll) was released early from detention on the condition of proceeding to the front

 Transferred to the 21st Battalion


Sep 2, 1917

Arrived at the No. 2 CIBD (Canadian Infantry Base Depot) in Etaples, France as part of a draft of 83 reinforcements from England and TOS (Taken On Strength) the 21st Battalion


Sep 16, 1917

After leaving the base depot, Private Ollen (aka Driscoll) joined the CC Rein C (Canadian Corps Reinforcement Camp) in Villers Au Bois


Nov 20, 1917

After leaving the reinforcement camp he joined the 21st Battalion in billets in Camblain L’Abbe and was assigned to “B” Company

 4 days later, Robert Lee, the former Sergeant that had been in charge of the guard room when Private Ollen escaped custody joined the battalion and according to a firsthand account, an altercation took place


Nov 29, 1917

Attached to the 4th Field Company, Canadian Engineers for duty


Dec 11, 1917

Rejoined the battalion from duty with the engineers


Jan 17, 1918

Sentenced to 7 days Field Punishment No. 1 for being absent for 2 days and forfeited 2 days pay


Jan 31, 1918

Attached to the 1st Canadian Tunneling Company for duty


Feb 19, 1918

Rejoined the battalion from duty with the tunneling company


Mar 12, 1918

Sentenced to 28 days Field Punishment #1 for being absent from 11.00 am March 9 until 4.30 pm March 9 and for refusing to obey an order from a superior


Apr 2, 1918

Admitted to the No. 2 CFA (Canadian Field Ambulance with shrapnel wounds to his right knee and buttock that he suffered during an enemy artillery barrage on the front lines near Neuville Vitasse, France.  He was transferred the same day to the No. 8 CCS (Casualty Clearing Station) for treatment.  Later that day he was transferred via the No. 10 Ambulance Train and admitted to the No. 18 USA General Hospital in Dannes Camiers


Apr 7, 1918

Invalided to England aboard the Hospital Ship Princess Elizabeth


On arrival in England he was admitted to the 2nd Western General Hospital in Manchester where surgery was performed to remove shrapnel fragments

 Posted to the EORD (Eastern Ontario Regimental Depot) for pay purposes while in hospital


Apr 17, 1918

Transferred to the East Lancs Red Cross Hospital at Didsbury College, Manchester


May 10, 1918

Transferred to the Military Convalescent Hospital in Woodcote Park, Epsom


Jul 31, 1918

Discharged from hospital with sick leave until August 12. 

 Ordered to report to the 3rd CCD (Canadian Convalescent Depot) in Seaford on completion of his leave


Sep 1, 1918

Admitted to the 2nd Eastern General Hospital in Brighton with a diagnosis that reads VDG (Venereal Disease Gonorrhea)


Sep 9, 1918

Transferred to the Military Hospital in Hemel Hempstead


Sep 17, 1918

Reported to be AWL (Absent Without Leave) from the hospital


Sep 26, 1918

Arrested and taken into custody to await Court Martial


Oct 14, 1918

A Court Martial was held in Hemel Hempstead and he was found guilty of

 Ø  AWL from hospital while suffering from an infectious disease

Ø  Neglecting to follow hospital standing orders by being outside camp boundaries

Ø  Using threatening language to his superior officer

 He was sentenced to 9 months detention to be served in the Stafford Detention Barracks and total loss of 209 days pay


Oct 21, 1918

Discharged from hospital and entered the Stafford Detention Barracks


Apr 26, 1919

The 9 month sentence was reduced by order of the War Office


May 9, 1919

Private Ollen was released from detention early and TOS the Depot Company of the EORD


Jun 26, 1919

Sentenced to forfeit 3 days pay for refusing to show his pass to Military Police when it was requested


Jul 10, 1919

TOS “M” Wing, Witley pending return to Canada


Jul 23, 1919

Papers were filed, along with a sworn declaration that changed his name to Frank Leo Driscoll


Aug 16, 1919

Embarked the SS Belgic in Liverpool



Aug 23, 1919

Disembarked in Halifax, Nova Scotia and proceeded by train to Kingston, Ontario


Aug 27, 1919

Discharged from the CEF in Kingston, Ontario

Ø  Rank on discharge Private

Ø  War Service Badge Class “A” issued number 214107

Ø  Proposed residence on discharge Brockton, Massachusetts, USA

Following his discharge the British War Medal and Victory Medals were sent to him at 16 David Lane, Brockton, Massachusetts, USA

May 7, 1959


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