George William Welsh

Thank you to Bruce Kettles for providing the service file


Jul 28, 1883

Born in Glasgow, Scotland.


Sep 2, 1915

Attested into the 70th Battalion in Windsor, Ontario 

Ø      Number 123082

Ø      There was no next of kin given

o       This was later changed to read Miss Pearl J. Moffatt, 313 Hyman St., London, Ontario

o       A note was added later to inform his mother, Mrs. Mary Welsh in Prairie Siding, Ontario

Ø      Previous occupation given as Farmer

Ø      No previous military experience given

Ø      Religion given as Presbyterian

Ø      Assigned to “D” Company


Sep 4, 1915

Qualified as a 3rd Class Cook with pay.


Apr 12, 1916

His next of kin was changed to read Mrs. Agnes Ann Welsh, wife, and stated that he was married on this date.


Apr 24, 1916

Embarked the SS Lapland in Halifax, Nova Scotia


May 5, 1916

Disembarked in Liverpool, England and proceeded to Shorncliffe.


Jun1, 1916

Promoted to the provisional rank of Corporal and appointed to the position of Armourer Corporal.


Jun 17, 1916

Transferred to the COC (Canadian Ordnance Corps) in Lower Dibgate but was attached to the 70th Battalion for pay purposes.


Jul 6, 1916

Attached to the 39th Reserve Battalion in West Sandling.


Jul 12, 1916

Ceased to be attached.


Aug 9, 1916

Attached to the CAI & RD (Canadian Arms Inspection and Repair Depot) in East Greenwich.


Oct 24, 1916

Transferred to the CAI & RD in East Greenwich.


May 7, 1917

Posted to the 6th Reserve Battalion in Seaford.


Jun 7, 1917

Reverted to the rank of Private at his own request.


Jun 19, 1917

Posted to the 21st Battalion.


Jun 20, 1917

Arrived at No. 2 CIBD (Canadian Infantry Base Depot) in Etaples, France as part of a draft of 82 reinforcements from England.  On arrival he was TOS (Taken On Strength) the 21st Battalion.


Jul 7, 1917

Left the CIBD to join the 2nd Entrenching Battalion.


Jul 8, 1917

Joined the 2nd Entrenching Battalion in Hersin as part of a draft of 53 reinforcements destined for the 21st Battalion.


Aug 21, 1917

Left the 2nd Entrenching Battalion and joined the 21st Battalion in billets in Villers au Bois.


Nov 11, 1917

During the fierce fighting at Passchendaele, Private Welsh was killed in action.  He was initially buried in the local Cottage Farm Cemetery, St. Jean, (today’s spelling Sint Jan) Belgium.  Following the war, the Graves Registration Commission made an attempt to remove the military graves from the cemetery in order to move them into a military cemetery.  As a result of continuous bombardment, the ground had been churned up and all of the graves and their markers had been destroyed.  As a result, the individual remains could not be identified, but were removed and re-buried in the White House Cemetery, Ypres, Belgium.  In addition to his name, unit and date of death, the headstone reads “Known to be buried in this cemetery”.

In addition to the headstone, there is a separate marker indicating the number of such graves and the locations they were moved from.

Following the war the British War Medal, Victory Medal, Plaque (Dead Man’s Penny), Scroll and Memorial Cross were sent to his widow, Mrs. G.W. Welsh, Bank Cottages, Loose Hill, Loose, Maidstone, Kent, England.

There is no record of a Memorial Cross being sent to his mother.


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