Frank Wenham




Oct 21, 1884

Born at Walthamstow, Essex, England


Nov 7, 1914

Attested into the 21st Battalion at Kingston Ontario 

Ø      Number 60044 (temporary number 931)

Ø      Next of kin given as Frederick Wenham (father) of 65 Byron Rd., Leyton, Essex, England

o       Later changed to Mrs Laura Wenham (wife) with several different address changes in Leyton , Essex, England

Ø      Previous occupation given as Porter

Ø      No previous military experience given

Ø      Religion given as Church of England

Ø      Assigned to “H” Company


May 6, 1915

Embarked the RMS Metagama at Montreal Quebec



May 15, 1915

Disembarked at Devonport England and proceeded to West Sandling Camp, near Hythe, Kent


Jun 29, 1915

Forfeits 1 day’s pay for being Absent Without Leave


Sep 14, 1915

Embarked the SS St Seiriol at Folkstone



Sep 15, 1915

Disembarked at Boulogne France


Nov 13, 1915

Admitted to No 5 CFA (Canadian Field Ambulance) with Gastro Enteritis and transferred to the DRS (Divisional Rest Station) No 6 CFA at Locre


Nov 17, 1915

Transferred to No 13 General Hospital at Boulogne




Dec 3, 1915

Invalided aboard the Hospital Ship Newhaven to England


Admitted to Queen’s Military Hospital Shorncliffe and diagnosed with Rheumatic Fever 

Posted to the 39th Reserve Battalion


Dec 5, 1915

Transferred to the VAD Hospital at Ashford


Jan 3, 1916

Transferred to Canadian Convalescent Hospital at Monks Horton, Ramsgate


Jan 4, 1916

Transferred to Granville Canadian Special Hospital at Ramsgate – ward 23, bed 160


Feb 12, 1916

Discharged to unit


Apr 14, 1916

Admitted to Moore Barracks Hospital with Indigestion and Diarrhea


Jun 3, 1916

Transferred to Canadian Convalescent Hospital at Epsom


Jun 6, 1916

SOS 39th Reserve Battalion on posting to CCAC (Canadian Casualty Assembly Centre)


Jun 30, 1916

Change of address for wife noted.  New address 20 Cranbrook Road, Walthamstow, Essex, England 

Forfeits 1 day’s pay – no reason noted in file


Jul 5, 1916

Discharged from hospital


Jul 6, 1916

SOS 39th Reserve Battalion and TOS CCAC for 4 weeks of Physical Training


Aug 5, 1916

TOS 39th Reserve Battalion from CCAC


Aug 8, 1916

Awarded 14 days Field Punishment #2 and forfeits 22 day’s pay and allowances – reason not noted in file


Sep 18, 1916

Pay restricted for 2 days – reason not noted in file


Oct 4, 1916

Proceeded to France with a draft of men for the 21st Battalion


Oct 5, 1916

Arrived at CBD (Canadian Base Depot) in France and TOS the 21st Battalion


Oct 14, 1916

Left CBD to join unit 

Change of address for wife noted.  New address 14 Livingstone Road, Hoe Street, Leyton, Essex England




Oct 15, 1916

Joined the 21st Battalion in the field


Oct 27, 1916

Admitted to No 5 CFA with Enteritis


Oct 30, 1916

Transferred to the No 18 CCS then to the Divisional Rest Station at No 6 CCS


Nov 5, 1916

Admitted to the No 4 Stationary Hospital at Arques with Enteritis


Nov 26, 1916

Discharged to unit


Nov 28, 1916

Joined the 21st Battalion in the field from hospital


May 2, 1917

Admitted to No 4 CFA, transferred to No 13 CFA, then transferred same day to No 6 CFA with Gastritis


May 9, 1917

Discharged to duty


May 15, 1917

Granted 10 days leave


May 25, 1917

Granted extension of leave to June 1, 1917


Jun 6, 1917

At duty from leave


Jul 15, 1917

Proceeded on course at 1st Army School


Aug 12, 1917

At duty from course


Sep 15, 1917

Attached to the 2nd Canadian Division


Oct 13, 1917

Attached to the CCRC (Canadian Corps Reinforcement Camp) at Havre


Jan 20, 1918

Admitted to 6 CFA and then transferred to 4 CFA with infected left heel


Feb 8, 1918

Discharged to duty with CCRC


Mar 14, 1918

SOS CCRC to 21st Battalion, but remains attached to CCRC


Jul 7, 1918

Classified “A” (fit for duty) by Medical Board


Sep 7, 1918

Detached to 2nd Canadian Division HQ for permanent Traffic Control duty


Feb 27, 1919

Admitted to No 4 CFA with PUO (Pyrexia of Unknown Origin), which is simply a fever 

Ceases to be attached to Division HQ


Mar 1, 1919

Transferred to No 58 CCS (Casualty Clearing Station) and diagnosed with Influenza


Mar 26, 1919

Invalided to England


Mar 27, 1919

TOS EORD (Eastern Ontario Regimental Depot) at Seaford England 

Admitted to North Evington War Hospital at Leicester


Apr 3, 1919

Posted to Canadian Embarkation Camp


Apr 7, 1919

Transferred to Military Convalescent Hospital at Woodcote Park, Epsom then discharged as fit for duty




Apr 30, 1919

TOS 6th Reserve Battalion


Jun 3, 1919

On Command to 2nd CDD (Canadian Discharge Depot) at London for discharge in England 

Discharged from the CEF at No 3 Regimental Group, in London, England 

Ø      War Service Badge Class “A” issued, number 115465

Ø      Proposed residence on discharge - 14 Livingstone Road, Hoe Street, Leyton, Essex England

o       Later changed to 30 Currie St. Facer St., St Catharines Ontario Canada

Ø      Eligible for 1914-14 Star


Sep 12, 1921

British War Medal and Victory Medal sent to 32 Sherbourne St., St Catharines Ontario


Below is from the August 1932 issue of the Communiqué
(the post war newsletter of the Battalion's Association)


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