Randolph Wilbur White


Photo of tunic supplied by it's owner, Les Donnithorne, and reproduced here wth his permission

Nov 3, 1894

Born at Pembroke Ontario


Nov 10, 1914

Attested at Kingston Ontario into the 21st Battalion 

Ø      Appointed rank of Lieutenant

Ø      Next of Kin given as Mrs AJ White of Pembroke Ontario

Ø      Occupation “Law Student”

Ø      Stated to be single

Ø      Previous military service given as “Ashbury & UCC Cadets”

Ø      Religion given as “Wesleyan”


Apr 20, 1915

Medical performed by Capt KE Cooke at Kingston Ontario


May 6, 1915

Embarked SS Metagama for England



May 24, 1915

Attended Colt Machine Gun class until Jun 5


Sep 15, 1915

Proceeded to France


Dec 24, 1915

Seconded for duty with the 4th Brigade Machine Gun Company


Jan 13, 1916

Admitted to Divisional Rest Station at Mt Noir, with Bronchitis


Jan 19, 1916

Discharged to duty from Rest Station


Feb 9, 1916

Admitted to Divisional Rest Station at Mt Noir, with Lumbago


Feb 12, 1916

Discharged to duty from Rest Station


Apr 23, 1916

Admitted to No 6 Canadian Field Ambulance, then transferred to No 5 Canadian Field Ambulance with Influenza


Apr 25, 1916

Transferred to North Midland Casualty Clearing station


May 9, 1916

Discharged to duty


Jun 2, 1916

Proceeded to England for attachment to Royal Flying Corps


Jun 5, 1916

Seconded to Royal Flying Corps, (seniority as Flying Officer, Observer begins) and shown on course


Jul 29, 1916

Admitted to West Cliff Canadian Eye and Ear Hospital at Folkstone with acute Tonsillitis (Neurasthenia) and posted to the General List


Aug 14, 1916

Attended a Medical Board at Shorncliffe Canadian Casualty Assembly Center (CCAC) 

Ø      Reported as being recovered from Tonsillitis but is now run down and suffering from hives

Ø      Address noted as 104 Durning Road, Edgehill, Liverpool

Ø      Declared to be unfit for 3 weeks


Sep 19, 1916

Proceeded to France as Observer, Royal Flying Corps


Nov 15, 1916

Appointed Flying Officer, Observer, with seniority from June 5, 1916


Jan 25, 1917

Reported wounded and taken prisoner – From medical report 

Ø      “Was taken prisoner Jan 25th, 1917 in France.  From lack of food, confinement, and exposure, his health gradually failed.  The day that he was taken prisoner, was wounded at a height of 13,500 ft and the aeroplane came down out of control.  This officer was picked up under extreme edge of left wing, and remained unconscious for four days.”


Feb 25, 1917

Appointed Temporary Captain Canadian Machine Gun Corps (LG No 21360)


Mar 24, 1917

Reported POW and being held at Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany


Oct 9, 1917

Now reported being held at Schwarmstedt, Germany


Oct 16, 1917

Now reported being held at Holzminden, Germany


Apr 9, 1918

Now reported being held at Bad Colberg, Germany


Nov 30, 1918

Repatriated to England


Dec 4, 1918

Relinquishes appointment with RAF on ceasing to be employed.  (at this point he would revert to rank of Lieut from Flying Officer, Observer, and assume the previously granted rank of Temporary Captain) and TOS Eastern Ontario Regiment Depot


Dec 10, 1918

SOS on transfer to CEF in Canada and embarked SS Melita for Canada - Taken on Strength (TOS) #2 District Depot Toronto



Dec 18, 1918

Disembarked in Canada


Dec 26, 1918

Medical report at Exhibition Camp Toronto reports the following: 

Ø      Rank; Captain

Ø      Address 440 Avenue Rd, Toronto Ontario

Ø      Next of Kin given as Mrs R (Mary) White (wife) of same address

Ø      Weight 128 lbs (weight noted in 1914 was 156 lbs)

Ø       Tattoos on right and left arms – 1915

Ø      disability noted as “Moderate general body weakness and partial loss of functions of kidneys”

Ø      muscles noted as flabby and lacked tone

Ø      appears nervous and has poor concentration

Ø      sleeps poorly

Ø      mandible grates on movement and “catches” when he eats – a result of a machine gun bullet wound

Ø      small pieces of shrapnel are still found in shoulder from machine gun wounds 

Found to be unfit for service


Jan 13, 1919

Admitted to Spadina Military Hospital 

Ø      Diagnosed with general debility

Ø      Granted 1 month leave from Jan 22, 1919

Ø      Address noted as 440 Avenue Road, Toronto

Ø      Several hand written reports from doctors, which are had to decipher, but generally refer to test results with little treatment

Ø      Transferred to St Andrews Hospital, Toronto on Jul 4, 1919


Jul 4, 1919

Admitted to St Andrews Hospital, Toronto Ontario 

Ø      Complains of inability to concentrate and irritability, lack of sleep and loss of appetite, palpitation of heart and general weakness

Ø      Symptoms caused by time as Prisoner of War in Germany

Ø      Granted 2 months leave

Ø      Discharged from hospital October 3, 1919


Sep 17, 1919

Doctors recommend discharge to civilian life


Oct 1, 1919

Medical report at St Andrews Hospital Toronto Ontario 

Ø      Height 5’ 9½”, weight 134 lbs (weight noted in 1914 was 156 lbs

Ø      RAF Regimental Crest, 1915, tattooed on right and left arms

Ø      Original disease recorded as “Malnutrition when a prisoner in Germany”

Ø      Shows difficulty in concentrating, sleeps poorly and becomes nauseated and very weak playing 4 games of tennis

Ø      Probable duration of disability – 1 year

Ø      Treatment – Hospital in Canada for 5 months

Ø      Recommend discharge from CEF as “Medically unfit for service”


Nov 17, 1919

Struck Off Strength (SOS) the CEF as “Medically Unfit”


Feb 8, 1922

British War Medal and Victory Medal sent to 532 St Clair Ave W, Toronto Ontario


Dec 15, 1928


Wesley United Church Cemetery
Pembroke ON


Feb 26, 1931

Statement of “Record of Service” prepared



NOTE:  There is a notation of a “cross” being sent by the Air Ministry to both his widow, Mrs Marguerite White at 45 Park Road, W, Dulwich, London SE 21, England, and to his mother, Mrs Mary White, c/o Peter White Esq., KC, Lumsden Bldg., Adelaide St., Toronto Ontario. 

The date for this is not completely readable from the copy provided, although I believe it to be September 27, 1932. 

This is not normally done unless death is caused from a soldier’s war wounds, and recorded in the file as such.  I could find no such notation. 


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