John Stewart Whyte



Feb 8, 1896

Born at Ottawa Ontario


Nov 7, 1914

Attested into the 21st Battalion at Kingston Ontario 

Ø      Number 930

o       Because he did not travel to England with the Battalion he did not receive a permanent number.  Archives Canada shows his number as 930 and 59930, but that is in error, as someone at a later date assumed that the “59” was missing and wrote it in by hand.

Ø      Next of kin given as Margaret R Whyte (mother) of 664 Maclaren St., Ottawa Ontario

Ø      Previous occupation given as Clerk

Ø      No previous military experience given

Ø      Religion given as Presbyterian

Ø      Assigned to No 4 Company


Dec 15, 1914

Appointed to rank of Lance Cpl


Apr 1, 1915

Admitted to Kingston Military Hospital with Emphysema


Apr 26, 1915

Surgery performed to alleviate complications of Emphysema


Oct 6, 1915

Medical Board at Kingston Ontario notes 

Ø      Diagnosis of Emphysema

Ø      Drainage from previous surgery is still present

Ø      Should return to full health 1 month after drainage ceases

Ø      Recommends 1 month in Kingston Convalescent home

Ø      Recommends he be discharged from the CEF as Medically Unfit

 There is no record of when he was transferred to Ottawa


Mar 15, 1916

Medical Board at Ottawa Ontario notes 

Ø      Patient suffers poor lung capacity

Ø      Earning capacity is reduced by about 50 percent

Ø      Is only capable of light work

Ø      Condition is expected to last at least 6 months

Ø      Treatment in a convalescent home is indicated


Jun 15, 1916

Medical Board at Ottawa 

Ø      Notes shallow breathing

Ø      Makes note that condition was caused by exposure during service

Ø      Condition expected to last at least 3 months

Ø      Recommend that he be discharged from the CEF as Medically Unfit due to service


Aug 31, 1916

Discharged from Sir Sanford Fleming Convalescent Home and discharged from the CEF at Ottawa Ontario


Aug 20, 1965

Deceased at Gracefield Quebec


The letter below appeared in the summer issue 1967, of The Communiqué

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