Henry Duncan Wightman MC

Dec 19, 1885

Born at Ruthven, Essex County, Ontario


Mar 2, 1915

Discharged from 14th Regiment PWOR


Nov 16, 1916

Officer’s Declaration compiled when sworn into 253rd Battalion (Queen’s University Highland Battalion) 

Ø      Given rank of Captain

Ø      Next of kin given as Florence L Wightman (wife) of 207 Frontenac St. Kingston Ontario

Ø      Occupation given as “Merchant”

Ø      Religion stated as “Methodist”

Ø      Previous military experience given as 6 years 14th Regiment PWOR, and 3 years 24th Kent Regiment


Dec 2, 1916

Declared fit by Medical Officer at Kingston Ontario


Jan 15, 1917

Attended School of Musketry in Toronto


Feb 17, 1917

Returned from School of Musketry


Apr 24, 1917

Particulars of Family form filled in 

Ø      Wife’s name, Florence L. Wightman, of 207 Frontenac St, Kingston Ontario

Ø      Stated to have 1 child, Margaret Elizabeth Wightman, age 10 months

Ø      Father’s name is George E. Wightman, of Roslin Ontario

Ø      Mother not alive


Apr 28, 1917

Embarked the SS Olympic at Halifax for England


Ship did not sail until 6.15 pm the next day, April 29.


May 7, 1917

Disembarked in England, and proceeded to West Sandling Camp. 

TOS 5th Canadian Reserve Battalion


Sep 21, 1917

While taking instruction in laying barbed wire, he sprained his back while screwing a stake into the ground.  He carried on with office duties until pain became severe on September 30, when admitted to hospital.


Sep 30, 1917

Admitted to Moore Barracks Hospital at Shorncliffe with a sprained back.  While in hospital, he developed pain radiating down his right leg, while at the same time the pain in the back lessened. 

Treated with application of heat and rest.


Oct 8, 1917

Discharged from hospital and SOS 5th Reserve Battalion on reporting to CORD (Central Ontario Regimental Depot) for 2 weeks. 

Recommended as unfit for any duty for 1 month. 

He was granted 2 weeks leave and his address while on leave was c/o North British Hotel, Edinburgh Scotland


Oct 22, 1917

Ceases to be on leave and SOS CORD on reporting to 5th Reserve Battalion


Nov 14, 1917

SOS 5th Reserve Battalion on being transferred to the EORD and shown on course at the Canadian Infantry School at Bexhill


Jan 26, 1918

SOS EORD on transfer to 6th Reserve Battalion at Seaford


Mar 21, 1918

SOS 6th Reserve Battalion on proceeding overseas to join 21st Battalion


Mar 22, 1918

Arrived at 2 CIBD (Canadian Infantry Base Depot)


Mar 23, 1918

TOS 21st Battalion on arriving from England


Mar 26, 1918

Arrived at CCRC (Canadian Corps Reinforcement Camp)


Apr 19, 1918

Joined the 21st Battalion in the field


Aug 28, 1918

Received a gunshot wound to right arm and admitted to No 8 CFA and transferred to No 42 CCS


Aug 29, 1918

Admitted to No 20 General Hospital with a gunshot wound to upper right arm


Aug 30, 1918

Admitted to No 20 General Hospital at Camiers, with a gunshot wound to right arm


Sep 2, 1918

Discharged from hospital and TOS “A” at CIBD


Sep 14, 1918

Left for CCRC


Sep 15, 1918

Left for unit and rejoined the 21st Battalion


Oct 25, 1918

Granted 14 days leave to England


Nov 11, 1918

Rejoined battalion from leave


Jan 11, 1919

Awarded the Military Cross, London Gazette 31119


Apr 3, 1919

Proceeded to Canadian Embarkation Camp, England


Apr 4, 1919

TOS “P” Wing at CCC Witley pending return to Canada


Apr 18, 1919

Medical Report at “P” Wing, Witley 

Ø      Diagnosed with Myopia (defective vision), claims to have had the problem from childhood

Ø      Glasses are recommended

Ø      A through and through bullet wound noted in right arm

Ø      No treatment required

Ø      Approved for return to Canada


May 13, 1919

SOS to Canada and TOS MD 3, Kingston


May 14, 1919

Embarked the SS Caronia at Liverpool for Canada



May 24, 1919

SOS the CEF on Demobilization


Aug 31, 1920

Dental treatment was commenced in Kingston and paid for by the Canadian Military through the Office of DDO, MD 3, Kingston. 

Along with other work, there were 12 fillings put in.  the work was completed December 31, 1920.  The total cost of the work was $47.50


Dec 4, 1922

British War Medal and Victory Medal were sent to his latest address, recorded as “Kingston Ontario” 



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